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Dreams About Heaven


QuestionCan you interpret this most peculiar dream. I am on a life support machine after being knocked down by a car. My mother and the doctor sit by my bed anxiously waiting for any change.

Suddenly the machine breaks down and I'm dead. The doctor puts a sheet over my head.

I'm standing at these huge gates and look around me. I'm on a train station. Passengers get onto the carriages but nobody gets off. A soft voice from the ticket office says ""We were expecting you" I look to see an elderly man with deep brown eyes and snow white hair. IT'S GOD!

He explains that the train goes to paradise and says "You must choose, You must choose" over and over again. God shows me photographs of various people and animals that I can reincarnate as.

Suddenly I'm back on the life support machine and my mother and the doctor are full of excitement shouting "It's a miracle!!" I become a celebrity because I have met God and lived to tell the tale. All the press want to interview me.

The thing that most puzzles me though, is that I am not afraid of death and definitely don't believe in God.

Mrs Karen C.

QuestionDespite the fact that you're an atheist your subconscious still wrestles with the eternal questions of life and death. Because your conscious mind had so firmly rejected the concept of God your subconscious mind raises the unresolved questions in the form of humour.

The dream start on an emotionally charged note with you on your death bed and your mother, who I expect holds traditional religious beliefs, and the doctor , who represents a scientific view of life, worrying over your plight. Then the dream turns to a humorous note. A white bearded God gives out tickets for a one way trip to heaven. 'We were expecting you ' has all the pathos of a bad movie.

So although you say that you definitely don't believe in God or fear death your dreams would suggest that deep down inside you haven't fully made up your mind. There are still questions to be asked and intellectual choices to be made about the meaning of life and death.

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