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Dreams About Fear


QuestionI keep on having the same recurring dream in which I am either climbing a very steep hill or a ladder. In both cases they are so steep that they are nearly upright. When I finally get to the top I can't go any further. There is something invisible stopping me. I feel as if I'm going to fall right back to where I started.

I wake up very distressed. Could you help me understand the dream?

Miriam S-

QuestionClimbing can mean many different things in a dream: climbing the ladder of success, a detached view of events, pride, frustration, ambition etc.

Your dream, which is full of fear, shows that you are trying to escape from something that's troubling you emotionally. It is something frustrating because the climb is so arduous.

You must examine your heart to decide what invisible secret fears hold you back.

FILE No: WN 47,48

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