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Psychological Dream Meaning: Descent into the underworld may represent death and rebirth. If you dream of an underworld like Hell or Hades, then this may symbolise your despair. You may need some help in dealing with your emotional problems.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that this dream predicts a loss of reputation. Top



 I dreamed of forgetting to wear my clothes to work. It was highly embarrassing- everybody laughed at me! T H- Glasgow Scotland.

This is a well-known anxiety dream. Dreams like this are sometimes interpreted as a fear of sexual relationships. Alternatively, it can signify the "naked truth" about yourself. Perhaps, you fear failure or that you will make mistakes and be ridiculed? In your waking life, you need to overcome your feelings of vulnerability and learn self-confidence. Being partly dressed may symbolise that you are not prepared for what lies ahead. Thoroughly examine your plans and perfect them.

Freud believed that to dream of being naked is an unconscious wish for the free unclothed periods of early life. Most psychologists consider that dreams of nudity highlight feelings of vulnerability. The dreamer may be conscious of their faults and failings


1. How do I feel about my nudity? An anxious feeling may symbolise the vulnerability mentioned above but equally a feeling of approval may symbolise your pleasure at being free of inhibitions. You may be expressing your openness and honesty.

2. How do people in my dream react to my nudity? If they mock you then you may be harbouring feelings of guilt and a fear of revealing your feelings. You could have a fear of sexual relationships. Indifference may suggest that something you are concerned about revealing is not really very important. Approval suggests a shedding of inhibitions.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream oracles tell us that to dream of undressing means you will make a grave mistake in your business affairs unless you listen to advice. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: In mythology, unicorns are either white or multi-coloured. They unite the spectrum showing that the one is the essence of the many. They are the mythical embodiment of the inner realm of the imagination. They may also represent power, gentility and purity. Your dream may be an expression of inspiration and wonder at the marvels of the inner world.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream oracles tell us that this dream means you will have some correspondence in connection with official affairs. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be commenting on your conservatism. Are you living your life to an overtly regimented routine? Perhaps you are conforming too much. Alternatively, you may feel a need to fit in and be less individualistic.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition tells us that this dream indicates that you will make a journey full of adventure and of special interest to you regarding matrimonial matters. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Urine may represent the feelings that you reject. You are trying to cleanse yourself of the things that you consider unworthy. However, dreams of urinating are usually caused by a full bladder. They have little symbolic significance- you should have gone before you went to bed.

Mystical Interpretation: Urine has for centuries been regarded as a protection against ghosts and evil spirits. Also it was believed that if a girl urinates in a man’s shoes he will fall madly in love with her. Clearly, these interpretations are of great significance when interpreting you dream. Top

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