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Psychological Dream Meaning: A tomb may be the entrance to the unconscious. It may also represent those parts of yourself that have been buried away. You may have qualities and talents that you are not using. If you dream of seeing your own name above the entrance to the tomb this is not an omen of death. The dream is saying that what lies within the tomb are the aspects of yourself that have died. You need to rediscover yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: Your dream may symbolise spiritual death and rebirth. In Celtic times, burial mound tombs were considered to be the womb of the Earth Mother from which the new spiritual person was born. Later superstitions claim that to dream of a tomb foretells disappointment. Another curious superstition says it foretells a marriage. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A tongue may represent the things you say. You may need to express yourself or may have already said too much. Perhaps you’ve been saying something ‘tongue in cheek’? As the tongue plays a part in the sexual act, your dream may be saying something about this area of your life.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of your own tongue, you will tell lies. If you see another person’s tongue, they will lie about you. An infected tongue means careless talk. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A tower may be a symbol for aloofness. Are you so involved in cerebral activities that you have lost touch with your feelings? A tower can also of course be phallus symbol.

Mystical Interpretation: To see a tall tower is a sign of good fortune. Climbing a tower brings success but descending brings failure. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: In part, children use toys to develop their social skills and express their role within the family. Dreaming of playing with toys may therefore be an innocuous way to express your hidden feelings. Consider what each toy represents as part of you or your life. Your dream may also be saying that you are only playing with life and must get down to something realistic and practical. The dream could be a pun for ‘toying’ with ideas or peoples feelings.

Mystical Interpretation: Generally a fortunate omen that predicts happiness for children and families Top


(see also Cars)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A traffic jam may express your frustration that life is not proceeding as smoothly as you would like it to. You feel stuck. If you dream of being a traffic warden, this may show your desire to impose your own rules on society. You may believe that your social role makes you feel uncomfortable and alienated from others. Let’s face it, not many people like traffic wardens.

Mystical Interpretation: Family problems will be solved but you’ll need a lot of patience if the traffic is in a jam say the wise sages of superstition. Top


(see also Journeys Station)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Your future is ‘on track’. As trains follow a fixed route, this dream may suggest that you are being helped with your journey through life. If you dream of missing a train or passing your destination, it may indicate that you feel that you have missed an opportunity. Also, are you a conformist? Jung believed that to dream of taking a public vehicle often means that the dreamer is not finding their own way forward and is behaving like everyone else. (Freud believed that to dream of missing a train meant missing death. He also was convinced that all dreams involving motion represented disguised wish fulfilments for sexual intercourse. In particular he claimed that a train represents a penis and when it goes into a tunnel this indicates sexual intercourse.)

Mystical Interpretation: Dreamers of long ago believed that to dream of travelling indicates a change in your fortunes. It is particularly fortunate if the destination is towards high hills or mountains. And, if the journey is in a straight line, your good fortune comes swiftly. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream probably expresses the way you feel about your situation. You may feel trapped in a marriage, by parenthood or within a dead-end job. Some areas of your life may need reform. On another level, you may be being held captive by your own conservatism or stubbornness. If you change the way you do things, you may gain a greater sense of freedom.

Mystical Interpretation: The gypsies tell us that to dream of seeing an animal trapped in a net indicates that you have to proceed with great caution or your plans will fail. Top

Travel (see Journeys)



(see also Money)

I am digging in the garden of my childhood home and uncover a box of treasure. My life has been pretty bad lately. Does my dream indicate a change for the better? - P T- Swindon UK

Digging up buried treasure or finding money symbolises rediscovering a part of yourself. Is there something that you have neglected or repressed? It could be that you had an ambition in life and only now have found the opportunity to try again. There may be a wealth of past experiences that you can draw on- something from your childhood perhaps?

The dream may also have a literal interpretation. If you're worried about finances, now may be the time to start a new venture. The dream may symbolise other things too: power, independence, or security. Examine your life- there may be unlooked-for opportunities just below the surface.


1. What am I searching for? The treasure of your dream may symbolise the things that you've always wanted from life They may not necessarily be material but the dream may suggest that now is the time when you are searching your heart to discover what you really want from life.

2. Is the treasure part of me? The treasure may symbolise you as a complete and whole person. Maybe something that has hitherto been neglected or repressed is surfacing again in your life. An artistic talent, positive attitude, self-respect or opportunity perhaps.

Mystical Interpretation: Old dream superstitions disagree with the modern interpretations for this dream: To dream of digging for treasure indicates that someone you have loved and trusted is not worthy of your love. However, if you dream of finding gold, in any shape or form, then all will be well. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Trees are symbols of the soul and the life principle. The type and condition of the tree tells of your spiritual condition at the moment. For example, a withered tree may show that you lack inspiration and the desire to life to the full. It may also show your concerns about getting older. Damage to any part of a tree represents damage to aspects of you. The tree’s branches represent your higher functions, the trunk your social role and the roots the foundations of your personality and unconscious.

Mystical Interpretation: A tree can also be a symbol of time. The root represent the past, the trunk the present and the branches the future. Perhaps your dream contains a prophecy or says something about your hopes and fears for the future? It is said to be lucky if you dream of climbing a tree. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may be your conscience at work. The judge may represent your innermost self. If you are the accused, you may be feeling guilty about something or be punishing yourself in some way. Who is your accuser? This person may represent an aspect of yourself. Perhaps you are being too hard on yourself?

Mystical Interpretation: Most dream oracles say that this dream foretells legal disputes. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A loud trumpet may be your unconscious attempting to draw your attention to an issue that you have ignored or are unaware of. The dream may indicate that you should draw attention to yourself or the ideas you have. It may be a pun for 'blowing your own trumpet' or that you should ‘jazz up your life’.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of playing a trumpet or hear one being played is an omen of disappointment say the oracles. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Twins represent polarities within the psyche. Examples are: introversion and extroversion, ego and shadow or masculine and feminine. Perhaps the dream is simply saying that you are ‘in two minds’ about an issue or that you have to duplicate everything you do.

Mystical Interpretation: Many ancient cultures considered twins to be divine. A very widespread and ancient belief, found among many peoples, says that twins always have different fathers. One of these dads is supernatural, a god or spirit of some kind. Your dream may be showing you the spiritual side of yourself. Top

Two (see Numbers)


(see also Father)

Psychological Dream Meaning: This may be a negative aspect of the father archetype. You may fear being yourself. The dream may also be saying that you are being forced to do something against your will. The tyrant may therefore represent the person or situation that is restricting your personal freedom.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream oracles interpret this as a contrary dream. You will meet someone nice. Top

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