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Psychological Dream Meaning: At home and work we meet and discus plans over a table. In your dream, it represents your relationships with other people. Items put onto the table represent something about your life that is being brought into the open. Perhaps the dream is saying that you should be more open with people. As the saying goes, you should '‘put your cards on the table’.

Mystical Interpretation: A table is an omen of domestic comfort and a happy contented marriage partner. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of growing a tail, this may represent your animal nature. Since the tail is behind you, it may refer to a rejection of the sexual side of yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of cutting off the tail of an animal foretells that you will be careless say the oracles. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of taming a wild animal this may show that you are getting your emotions under control.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of taming a lion, you will be successful in everything you do. Some oracles claim it means you will marry a very intelligent person. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may be about emotional situations that have affected you. They’ve left their mark. It may also be

Mystical Interpretation: Your dream may be of a sexual nature. ‘Tattoo’ is a Maori word and until recently tattooing was accepted in most parts of Polynesia as the ultimate beauty treatment. Many Polynesians had every part of the body done except the eyeballs. In many cultures, it is seen as a symbol of sexuality and virility. The inhabitants of the Marquesas consider a tattooed tongue to be the supreme sexual turn-on.  Top

Teacher (see School)



I dreamed that my teeth were falling out. In real life, my teeth are perfectly all right even though I’m 39 years old. Why should I have this dream? Katie P- New Orleans

Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreaming of teeth falling out may represent insecurity. These dreams often occur at a time of transition between one phase of life and another. When we lost our milk teeth, we also gradually lost our childhood innocence. Loosing your teeth therefore show that today you have similar feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness as you did in childhood. The dream could also highlight your worries about getting older or your sexual attractiveness.

Animal teeth may represent aggressiveness and false teeth may represent concern about your self-image. The dream could also be triggered by subtle toothache that you are not yet consciously aware of.


  1. Do I feel insecure because I’m starting a new phase of life? Katie’s dream may highlight her worries about soon reaching 40.
  2. Am I facing reality? Dreams about loosing teeth may represent a retreat to the innocent times when you were a toothless baby and dependent for nourishment on your mother’s milk.

Mystical Interpretation: The Nilotes of the Sudan believe that if a woman has a toothy grin it is a bad omen. It symbolises the mouth of a wild animal that will frighten the cattle and superstitious lore insists that maidens with a wide smile be made beautiful by having their front teeth removed. An African witchdoctor would therefore interpret dreams about losing teeth as a sign of prosperity.  Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of a telephone ringing, may be your unconscious trying to get your attention. What you hear through the phone is a message from your unconscious. The content of the message may reveal a great deal about your hopes and fears. You may be facing up to issues that you have previously avoided. Top


(see also Cinema)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A television may represent your mind with its flow of thoughts. You are objectively viewing yourself. What is it that moves across this screen of your consciousness? Is your head filled with interesting information or just a lot of mindless soap opera? The programmes you dream of watching are an intimate yet objective representation of the things that play on your mind.  Top

Temple (see Church)

Test (See Examinations)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams are themselves like a theatre in which our problems, hopes and fears are acted out by characters generated by our incredible imagination. To dream of a theatre is therefore like a dream within a dream. Consequently, these dreams are often lucid because the dream symbolism helps the dreamer to realise that they are dreaming. If you dream of watching or acting in a play, pantomime or circus then consider what aspect of your personality each character represents. You are seeing your life and the way you behave from a new perspective. The dream performance will give you an insight into the way you behave and the way that you present yourself to the world.

Mystical Interpretation: Sages who have reached an exulted level of consciousness often advise us to consider life to be like a theatre. We play a part for a short time in a cosmic game. When we die we take off the costume and return to our true identity. A curious superstition claims that if you dream you cut new teeth it is a sign you will hear of the birth of a child who will do great things in the world.  Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of threatening someone, this may represent your need to assert yourself in real life. However, if you are being threatened you need to determine what is the cause of this feeling. Some dreams may have an overall menacing atmosphere and it is hard to determine what is the cause of this anxiety. These threatening dreams fascinated the Surrealist painters.

It is most likely that your dream is caused by problems in your relationships. You may feel emotionally threatened by a partner or perhaps you worry about the threat of redundancy or a management change at the workplace. Similarly, inner emotions can threaten your emotional equilibrium. You may have repressed emotions such as resentment, anger, eroticism or fear that are trying to find expression.

Mystical Interpretation: Some oracles consider this to be a contrary dream. Everyone is going to be sweet and nice to you. Top

Three (see Numbers)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Thunder may represent your feelings of anger. You may have had or be planning an argument. Your relationships may be stormy.

Mystical Interpretation: The ancient Greeks believed that storms were caused when Zeus quarrelled with his consort Hera. In the Sumarian mythology that may date from Neolithic times, the storm was associated with the roar of the bull and fertility rites. Your dream may represent the untamed and hugely powerful forces within the psyche. Top


(see also Key)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A ticket may represent the start of a series of psychological events. You may have given yourself permission to begin your exploration of the unconscious. Similarly, the ticket may symbolise your approval to start a new project. You may have decided the direction in which you would like to take your life. If you dream of loosing your ticket you are uncertain about what direction your life is taking and may feel confused about what to do. You may feel psychologically unprepared to deal with an issue from your waking life.

Mystical Interpretation: You will receive some news that will clarify your position. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A tiger may symbolise something that frightens you. It may represent repressed feelings and emotions or a situation in waking life that terrifies you. Courage will see you through this period of adversity.

Mystical Interpretation: In the children’s’ poem Tyger Tyger by the mystical poet William Blake the tiger represents material existence. His ‘fearful symmetry’ is the suffering that we experience in the world of opposites as opposed to innocent oneness with God. Humanity’s destiny is to regain innocence by passing through the world of experience. Your dream may be dealing with these perplexing cosmic issues. Top

Tiger Dream that Came True!
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Psychological Dream Meaning: Preoccupation about time in a dream may reflect your anxieties about being unable to cope with the pressure life imposes on you. Certain times may have specific meanings to you. For example, one minute to midnight implies a pensive situation or a situation that is about to change dramatically. You may associate 1 p.m. with lunch and nourishment or 5.30 p.m. with finishing work and rest. Perhaps the dream is saying that you must set yourself a deadline or conversely, set yourself less deadlines. And whilst on the subject of time: Did you know that by the time you reach seventy you will have spent about 6 years of your life dreaming and have slept for about 20 years.

Mystical Interpretation: As you come close to spiritual truth, time becomes less important. Sometimes in dreams past, present and future become as one. “How are we to know that the mind has become concentrated? Because the idea of time will vanish. The more time passes unnoticed the more concentrated we are…. All time will have the tendency to come and stand in the one present. So the definition is given, when the past and present come and stand in one, the mind is said to be concentrated.” – Vivekananda. Top

Dream about Strange Deja Vu


Psychological Dream Meaning: The cause of your dream may simply be that you need to go to the toilet. Your unconscious recognised your body’s need to go and uses the dream to wake you up. Freud had a field day with this one. He associated dreams of excretion with the anal phase of psychosexual development. A child will experience erogenous satisfaction from excretion. If they are reprimanded for wetting the bed or insensitively treated during potty training then, in adult life, they may experience similar feelings of guilt and shame towards sexual functions. Surprisingly, Freud also believed that toiletting in dreams represents creativity. Alternatively, dreaming of using the toilet may be your desire to rid yourself of something that contributes nothing to your wellbeing. This may be an archaic way of behaviour or an obsolete lifestyle. Similarly, your unconscious may be drawing your attention to an illness in which toiletting symbolises your body’s need to rid itself of toxins.

Mystical Interpretation: Believe it or not, to dream of a toilet indicates that there will be legal troubles connected with property deals. Top

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