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Psychological Dream Meaning: If you are the sacrificial victim, the dream may be a reflection of your attitude. Do you always ‘play the martyr’? Perhaps you have tendencies of self-punishment and self-denial. You may feel that other people undervalue your talents and good qualities.

If you are performing the sacrifice then consider what it is you are sacrificing. An animal may represent part of your instinctive nature or a person you know may represent an aspect of your personality. Perhaps you are sacrificing your principles or your human values? In a spiritual context, the ego must be sacrificed so that the divine self can emerge.

Mystical Meaning: Ritual sacrifices were a way to appease the gods and bring fertility to the land. The individual was sacrificed for the sake of social and cosmic unity. In Hinduism Purusha was slain to make men, in Egyptian myth Osiris is cut to pieces by his brother Seth, in the Greek stories Orpheus is torn apart by women, in Judaism Abraham nearly sacrifices his son Isaac and in Christianity Jesus is Crucified. These powerful images of surrender to God still appear in the dreaming life of modern man.  Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A safe may be a symbol of the things you hold dear. It may represent the innermost qualities of your true self, the treasure that lies within you. It could also represent a secret. Is there an aspect of your character that you want to hide from the world?  

Mystical Meaning: Dream oracles are clear about this one. If you dream that you are breaking open a safe, you will not marry the person with whom you are now in love. An empty safe indicates an early marriage and a full one predicts a late marriage. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A sailor represents the adventurous side of your personality. It can represent your desire to explore the unknown reaches of the unconscious as symbolised by the sea. He may also simply represent your desire to travel.

Mystical Meaning: As well as the strait forward interpretation of travel, dream oracles advise that dreams of sailors on shore predict a new romance. If they are aboard ship there will be news from far away. It is unlucky for a woman to dream of being a sailor. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A saint may be a messenger from your higher self that helps you to see your situation from a spiritual perspective.

Mystical Meaning: For a devout Christian, this dream may be a direct encounter with the spirit of one of the saints who are claimed to help sincere worshipers through dreams. Similarly, in India it is said that a living guru, and also those that have passed into the next life, can help the devotee through dreams. As a Spiritualist medium, I believe that advanced souls can use dreams guide us. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Salt can represent the spiritual essence of life. (Salt preserves and is in itself indestructible. It is also the residue that remains after the body has decayed) It may also represent tears as these taste of salt or the unconscious, as symbolised by the sea. Alternatively, your dream may be saying that someone is ‘rubbing salt in the wound’.

Mystical Meaning: Salt has also been used as a symbol for enlightenment: If salt is mixed with water what becomes of it? The salt crystals are gone but if we taste the water we know that it is still there. It is the same when the self merges with Nirvana. The individual has gone but the essence remains as part of the One. Top



Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may allude to your sexuality. The savage represents your primitive urges. In addition, the savage may be a shadow figure representing the aspects of yourself that you reject or banish to the jungles of the unconscious.

Mystical Meaning: Sometimes the shadow can appear as a helpful guise. For example in one of the oldest mythical stories in the world, Gilgamesh is helped by the dark Enkidu, lord of the forests. Similar dream like images are found in the noble savage from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) or the story of Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book (1849) Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be helping you make a decision. You are weighing up the pros and cons of a situation. It may also be telling you that you need to take a balanced view of a situation and not get so emotional. If you are interested in astrology, scales may represent the zodiac sign Libra. This may be a Libran you know or the characteristics of this sign that you exhibit.

Mystical Meaning: Since ancient times scales have been a symbol of Justice. Ancient Egyptian images show how the soul is weighed in the scales of Justice by the Jackal-headed god Anubis. Your dream may be saying that justice will be done. Top



(see also Examinations)

I am now in my 70’s yet last night I dreamed that I was back at my childhood school. In the dream, the teacher scolds me and I notice that the classroom is in a state of decay. – Gary T, Leeds, UK.

Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams set at school are very often reported by people from all age groups. Sometimes these dreams highlight childhood insecurities that have still not been resolved. For example, this dream, set in a decaying school building, suggests that the dreamer is carrying disappointed childhood expectations or unpleasant memories. In addition, the schoolteacher is a classic symbol for authority and may represent his father and others who have determined the course of his life. Schoolteachers may also represent the censoring aspect of his personality that keeps the chaotic impulses in control. Being scolded may indicate that the dreamer has feelings of guilt, inferiority or worries that his misdeeds will be found out. Alternatively, if the teacher in the dream were praising Gary then it would indicate that he has self-confidence and believes in his own abilities.

Another interpretation of dreams set at school is as a metaphor for what you are learning from life over a long period. These dreams may also carry a feeling of nostalgia and reveal a hidden desire to recapture the freedom, optimism and ambition of these formative years.    


Do I have any unresolved anxieties from my childhood? Clearly these problems are not going to be solved overnight but your dream may be helping you come to terms with long standing worries that need to be addressed. Becoming aware of and identifying your anxieties is the first step in the healing process.

Does the dream teach me a lesson? The dream may be showing you what you can learn from your circumstances today. Life itself is like a school where we are set may tests. I like to think that God gives his hardest lessons to his best pupils. It may explain why the most deserving people often have the most wretched lives.

Mystical Meaning: Some dream superstitions claim that to dream of teaching at school is a sign of good fortune. However, you will experience setbacks in business if you dream of being a pupil. These will be particularly bad if you dream of forgetting your lessons. Top

See also going back to school


(see also Cutting)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Precise cutting indicates control and decisiveness in your waking life.

Mystical Meaning: Dreams of scissors are usually interpreted by superstition dream lore  to indicate that an enemy will do you harm. However, if they are clean and bright you have nothing to fear. Top


(see also Water)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The sea may represent the unconscious and your dream may show that you are now ready to explore the intuitive and instinctive aspects of yourself. Sailing on a boat or putting out to sea may represent this journey into the unknown part of you. (For a man this can represent the search for the feminine side of his nature) The condition of the sea may depict the way you are feeling. For example, a stormy sea may indicate that you feel angry about something or threatened by forces outside of your control. However, a calm sea may show inner contentment and peace of mind. Freud considered the sea and the incoming tide to be symbols of sexual union.

Mystical Meaning: In primal myths the sea existed before the creation of humankind and is therefore like a womb from which the rest of creation emerges. In the legends, we hear tell of how the creator god wrestles with the sea-goddess who is impregnated to give birth to the world. The sea is therefore a symbol of the raw materials of existence and is associated the creative potential of your true self. From a spiritual perspective, the sea may represent the totality of existence. It is the ultimate reality, the One of which we are all a part. Enlightenment is gained when the individual self merges with the infinite. This exalted state of consciousness is likened to a raindrop merging with the sea. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: What are you trying to find? Your dream search may symbolise the quest to find something physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. You may be searching for a new way to solve an old problem. If you dream of searching for someone you know, you may be anxious about your relationship with that person and want to end the emotional separation. Are you sure that this search is worthwhile or is the dream reflecting your feeling of hopelessness?

Mystical Meaning: Perhaps your dream is a spiritual search. Myths such as the King Arthur’s knights’ quest for the Holy Grail may be describing the inner process of spiritual transformation. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The seasons can represent your state of mind and prevailing psychological or material conditions. They remind us that everything is subject to change and renewal. Here are the meanings for Northern Hemisphere countries:

  • SPRING: Optimism and rebirth are associated with springtime. Spring may represent a new beginning for you or new projects and a new attitude to life. It may represent youth.
  • SUMMER: Pleasure and happiness are associated with summertime as is relaxation and vacations. It may symbolise early middle-age
  • FALL: This time may represent a maturing of your ideas. It is also a time for preparation and the ending of a cycle. It is a time when the trees bear fruit so may represent the fruition of a plan. Fall may symbolise late middle-age.
  • WINTER: A time of rest but your dream may be expressing your feelings of that your life is barren and empty. It may symbolise old-age.

Mystical Meaning: The movement of the Sun across the sky, the solstices and the seasons since earliest times have come to represent the phases of human life. They also relate to the four elements: the bare Earth to Winter, water of rain to Spring, heat and fire to Summer and the winds of Fall to the element of air.  Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A seed is a symbol of potential. It may show that you have recognised an opportunity in your waking life or it may represent your potential for personal growth. For a couple planning a family, it may represent conception.

Mystical Meaning: My research reveal that seeds represent increasing prosperity in most archaic dream books. Top

Seven (see Numbers)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Erotic dreams are usually a straightforward expression of sexual desire. The nature of the sex may reveal you hidden hopes and fears. For example, if you dream of having sex with someone other than your partner, this may highlight dissatisfaction with the physical side of your relationship. Your dreams may reveal patterns in your sexual relationships that you may not be aware of. If your sexual dreams are violent or perverse, you may need to be more relaxed about your sexuality. You may have sexual phobias or compulsions that need to be recognised and brought in control. Your dreams may offer ways to help you lead a happier and more natural sexual life.

Mystical Meaning: An odd superstition claims that if a man or woman dream of visiting a brothel there will be an improvement to their domestic life. And good news for cross dressers: there will be success within the family if you dream of changing sex. Top

See also Sexual Dream Interpretations



Shapes (see Numbers and Mandalas)


(see also Lamb)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Are you being a conformist? To dream of sheep may indicate that you are following a conventional way and falling in with what everyone expects of you. Perhaps you should try a less orthodox approach to your situation. Why keep following the flock? The opposite meaning is symbolised by the ram, which is an individualist. Similarly, to dream of a shepherd may represent the power of love that can unify divergent tendencies. This may apply to your world or the conflicts within yourself.

Mystical Meaning: Consider this quote from the Vedas: ‘Come up Lions and shake off the delusion that you are sheep. You are souls immortal, spirits free, blest and eternal. Ye are not matter; ye are not bodies; matter is your servant, not you the servant of matter.’ Also associated with the Christian ‘Lamb of God’ sheep are considered to be a lucky dream omen. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Shells are usually a spiritual symbol because they come from the sea, which represents the vast expanses of the unconscious mind. They are also a divine feminine symbol associated with the god Venus who was born from a shell. (The shape of a shell is reminiscent of the vagina say Freudian psychologists) A heavy tortoise shell may represent your desire for protection. Similarly, a delicate eggshell may symbolise your feelings of vulnerability. Finally, eggshells can represents thin-skinned egotism which, like the arrogant Humpty Dumpty, is easily smashed to pieces.

Mystical Meaning: According to some authorities on dream superstition, shells predict that something strange will happen to you. So if you wake to find you’ve been abducted by aliens or there’s a flipper where your foot was, it is probably the shell dream that’s to blame. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A ship may represent the course of your life and the type of ship may say something about your state of mind. For example, you may be in a pleasant mood when you dream about a cruise ship but may be feeling aggressive if it’s a warship. A lifeboat may represent your need to be rescued from the stormy emotions and troubles that beset you and travelling on a submarine may show your desire to explore the unconscious. Or perhaps the dream is simply encouraging about your material success by saying that ‘your ship’s come home’.

Mystical Meaning: A ship in dock or on a calm sea is claimed by the ancient seers to promise happiness in love. If there are storms, happiness will be delayed. There will be worrying news if you dream of a shipwreck. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may represent your self-image and the way you present yourself to the world. A starched shirt may symbolise formal conservatism whereas a bright or unbuttoned shirt may show your unconventional free spirit. The dream could also be a play on words: are you being ‘shirty’ with someone?

Mystical Meaning: The gypsies believe that the more colourful the shirt you dream of, the luckier you will be. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Freud proposed that items of clothing that can be entered by parts of the body are sexual symbols. Fairy stories often use the same language of symbols as found in dreams: When Cinderella put her foot into the shoe, it is a symbol of her desire for sexual relations with the prince.

Mystical Meaning: Superstition says that to dream of loosing a shoe predicts an illness. This may originate from an old rural superstition from the UK that advises to burn a smelly old shoe in the home to avoid infection in the house. Dusty shoes indicate an unexpected journey and shinny shoes mean happiness in love. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Freud tells us that guns represent male sexuality and shooting a gun is a symbol for ejaculation. It may also be saying that your plans are right on target and that you know what you are aiming for in life.

Mystical Meaning: If you dream of enjoying the shoot there will be good fortune but if you are filled with fear there will be difficulties. Shooting stars are universally regarded as good luck and their appearance in dreams is auspicious. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Shops can symbolise the array of opportunities and rewards that life offers us. However, if you dream that the shop is closed or that you have insufficient money then this indicates that you feel that the things you want from life are unattainable. Your dream may be telling you to lower your expectations and set yourself goals that are more realistic.

Mystical Meaning: To a tradesman this is an unlucky dream that signifying many pressing creditors. For everyone else it is an omen of prosperity but only so long as you don’t buy anything. You will be blessed with good fortune if you dream of working in a shop. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: As a dream symbol the shore is the place where the conscious mind meets the unconscious. The dream may also represent a journey- either an actual one or the symbolic journey of self-discovery across the sea of the unconscious.

Mystical Meaning: Some mysterious authorities claim that an empty beach is a sign of an opportunity. Dream of a busy beach, and you will soon feel secure. Top

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