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Psychological Dream Meaning: Because of their reputation for breeding, a rabbit may represent your sexual activity. It could also represent innocence and timidity. If you dream of it going down a hole, this could show that you are trying to escape from a problem.

Mystical Interpretation: It is a good omen if you dream of seeing rabbits running in green grass. If you see them in hutches, the good fortune will be lessened. Dead bunnies bode disaster. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may be an allegory for the way you live. Are you in a perpetual hurry? The dream may reveal your competitive side and how you measure yourselves against other people. Make a conscious decision to slow down and you may achieve more? The old story holds true: the steady progress of the tortoise beats the impulsive hare.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream you are racing a car or running this is a sign that you will soon hear news. If you win, the news will be wonderful. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: What is said or played by the radio may be messages from your unconscious. You are tuning-in to its frequency. In particular, note the words of any songs played and consider what these say about the way your are feeling.

Mystical Interpretation: Not many ancient mystics had radios but superstitions that are more recent say that listening to one in a dream foretells an imminent meeting. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of wearing rags, you may be concerned about your self-image. You may feel unable to deal with responsibilities and lack self-confidence. You may feel that your ‘life is in tatters’. Perhaps a little retail therapy will brighten you up? Buy something new and give yourself a boost.

Mystical Interpretation: Some oracles predict that you will suffer great losses if you dream of wearing rags. Other authorities claim that it is a sign that you will make a wise decision. Top

Railroad (see Train)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Rain usually represents cleansing and purification. It can also represent the release of tension that comes after a storm or a period of crying. Rain replenishes and brings fertility so it may also symbolise that you are opening to a new phase of personal growth in your life. Your dream says ‘Don’t worry for soon the grey clouds will be gone and light will shine in your life once more.’

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of rain is generally considered a good omen unless of course the rain is falling on cattle for this means a business loss of some kind. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The rainbow symbolises good news, hope, redemption and the ending of gloom. Since the sun can be a symbol of the self, it is also associated with the magical quest for the treasure of self-knowledge. The rainbow is a bridge between heaven and earth, between your earthly self and your higher enlightened self.

Mystical Interpretation: The gypsies say that to dream of a brightly coloured rainbow means a happy change is coming. If the colours become dull there will be a deterioration in your circumstances. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: For a man this may be a sadistic expression of sexual desire. It may show feelings of vengeance towards the opposite sex. For a woman this dream may represent fears of sex or masochistic fantasies.

Mystical Interpretation: Even the Victorian dream books cover this topic. Superstition claims that if a woman dreams of rape her pride will be wounded. You will hear shocking news if you dream that a friend is raped. Top

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Rat (s)

(see also Mice)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Rats may represent unworthy thoughts and feelings that hide from the light of day and gnaw away at you inside. These may be feelings of guilt, envy avarice and so on or they may be of a sexual nature. They could represent the feelings you reject. In addition, you may have thoughts about wanting to harm others or perhaps you feel that somebody in your life is, in the words of James Cagney, a ‘dirty rat’.

Mystical Interpretation: An enemy will try to harm you if you dream of rats. Some superstitions believe that rats contain the souls of men so their actions should be observed and acted upon. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: “On the way of true development, something old must die and something new must be born in him….” – Collins. A dream about rebirth shows that you are entering a new chapter of life. You may have discovered inspiring new goals, values or a way of expressing your true self. The past is dead. Long live the future!

Mystical Interpretation: Most spiritual traditions use rebirth symbols or baptism to symbolise the entry into the spiritual life. One of the most beautiful symbols of rebirth is the magnificent Phoenix. He is consumed by the fire which he brought but is reborn from the ashes. It can represent spiritual transformation and hope. Top

Red (see Colours)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Do you feel like an outcast? Perhaps you feel that you have been socially rejected or the dream represents the way you feel emotionally isolated. Similarly, the dream may highlight your desire to escape or dodge an issue. You will never find security if you keep running away from your problems.

Mystical Interpretation: Displaced people of any kind indicate that well conceived plans will fail. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may be referring to some event in your known past. However, you may also be recalling memories of lives that you have lived before. In the East they believe that memories of past lives will be revealed when the spiritual aspirant has reached a suitable level of inner development. Past lives are then spontaneously recalled during meditation or dreams.

Mystical Interpretation: Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone is convinced that he lived during the French Revolution, singer Engelbert Humberdink believes he was once a Roman emperor and pop star Tina Turner was told by a Californian psychic that she is the incarnation of a woman pharaoh named Hatshepsut. You are not alone in believing that there are memories of lost lives locked away in the unconscious. Top


(see also Abandonment)

Psychological Dream Meaning: You may be refusing to accept an influence in your life or a situation that is being imposed upon you. If you are the one rejected this may reveal that you have hidden feelings of a lack of self-worth or alienation from others. Sometimes there are sexual undertones to this type of dream. Freud would say that it is you who are rejecting yourself. Your super-ego (conventional conscience and attitudes) is rejecting your sexual desire. You may be punishing yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: Some dream oracles insist that you reverse your dream. Rejection therefore means success. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The people that appear in our dreams, and particularly strangers, usually represent facets of ourselves. It may be shocking to see the truth about ourselves that is projected into the characters of the dream. Our relationships with these people illustrates how much we are in harmony with ourselves and demonstrates which parts of the personality we allow to ‘take the stage’. For example, if a man dreams of very feminine women, this may show a need to accept the feminine side of his nature. Similarly, a woman who dreams of assertive men may herself need to act in a more masculine way. And of course, the dream could be talking about real life scenarios and the true or repressed feelings you have for the people you know in reality. 

Mystical Interpretation: Dream superstition says that the way people act towards you in a dream predicts events to come. If they are friendly, expect happy events to follow. If they are downright nasty take precautions against potential disaster. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreaming of repairing something indicates that you are recovering from something that may have upset you. You are undergoing a period of self-renewal. The item that is being repaired is a symbol of the area of your life or yourself that you are working on.

Mystical Interpretation: some people believe that if you dream of sewing the clothes you are wearing it brings terrible bad luck. Top

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