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Psychological Dream Meaning: A quarry is a man-made hole in the environment. Perhaps your dream indicates that you have dug yourself into an emotional hole from which you cannot escape. Have you fallen into a pit of despair? A quarry may also symbolise your desire to reveal the contents of the unconscious, symbolised by the earth. Perhaps you have uncovered something that was once hidden? In a social sense, a quarry may represent your concerns about the damage being done to the environment. (If your quarry was the pursuit of an animal see Chase)

Mystical Interpretation: A chalk quarry is an omen for financial difficulties that can be overcome by hard labour. A stone quarry predicts a journey. Top


(see also Anima, Animus, King, Mother)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Freud believed that the king and queen represent the dreamer’s parents while a prince or princess represented the dreamer. She may stand for the unconscious, intuition, nature and the instincts. Jung saw royal figures as representations of animus (the male principle) and anima (female principle). The white queen from Lewis Carroll’s Alice through the Looking-Glass (1827) runs continuously to stay on the same spot. Some authorities claim she expresses the way the earth is in a continuous state of upheaval in order to stay much the same.

Mystical Interpretation: Carl Jung recognised that the strange writings of the alchemists were in fact symbols for the integration of the personality.  The queen personified the feminine forces within the psyche, the unconscious feeling for life. Top

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