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Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams often express sexual feelings that society would never permit in reality. Sometimes these instincts are repressed or pushed out of conscious awareness. In dreams, our primal instincts and desires (the id) try to communicate with the conscious ego. Freud tells us that this communication is censored by the super-ego, our moral principle. The result is that the sexual messages from the unconscious come through to the conscious mind in the disguised form of symbols.  Phallus symbols can include anything long and straight that may resemble the male penis. 

Mystical Interpretation: To many races and tribes, the phallus is their primary symbol of worship. Ancient cave paintings of the human reproductive organs have been found in countries as far apart as Senegal and Niger, Australia, France, China, Japan and India. It is proof of the power of this symbol. For example, the Romans used phallic charms to ward off evil spirits and their god Priapus was depicted as a huge phallus with a human face. The Toltecs and Aztecs from Mexico worshiped a winged snake and the Hindus still worship Shiva as a phallic emblem. The favourite god in Chinese homes is Shou-lao, the god of longevity. He is normally depicted with an enormous bald head that resembles a phallus. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: A portrait or still photograph often suggests that you feel a need to preserve a relationship. You may idealise the past and want it to remain the same forever. A picture may also represent your thoughts or ideas and be a way of making you aware of something that requires your attention. The content of the picture will symbolise what this is.

Mystical Interpretation: Your hopes are false if you dream of a picture says superstition. It can also mean disappointment in love, particularly if the picture is of you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A pig may symbolise ignorance, stubbornness, greed or just plain bad manners. It can even be a sexual symbol of bestiality and brutish lust. Perhaps you or someone close to you has been behaving like a chauvinistic pig? Of course, this dream has nothing to do with kind police officers or sensitive journalists.

Mystical Interpretation: Pigs have long been the subject of superstition. For example, fishermen believe that if you say the word ‘pig’ before fishing you will have a poor catch. However in dreams pigs denote exceptionally good news or a stroke of luck. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may have realised something that is just the medicine you need to restore inner harmony. If you dream of taking a hallucinogenic drug this dream may be the start of a series of lucid dreams. An addictive pill may indicate that it is your compulsive emotional behaviour that harms you. Alternatively, the pill may represent the bitter pill you have to swallow.

Mystical Interpretation: Some people believe that hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD can awaken the higher consciousness that is found in deep meditation and sometimes also in dreams. The problem is: what goes up, also has to come down. “A man who has attained certain powers through medicines, or through words, or through mortification, still has desires, but that man who has attained to Samadhi through concentration is alone free from all desires.” – Vivekananda. Top

Pin (see Needle)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Playing emphasises that your creativity is unrestricted by an overtly serious attitude. You may have an attitude that likes to break the rules of convention. A playful attitude towards work can sometimes be more productive than the drudgery of monotonous repetition.

Mystical Interpretation: My Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba tells us that life is divine play that the Hindus call leela. One of his most well known sayings is ‘Life is a dream; realise it. Life is a game; play it.’ Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of consuming something poisonous this may indicate that you are introducing something into yourself that is harmful to your well being. This may be bad feelings or bitterness on your part. Similarly, the poison could represent the underhand actions by others or a fear of being the target of innuendo.

Mystical Interpretation: As you would expect, superstition says that dreaming of poison indicates that you will suffer because of the wrongdoing of others. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Laws, rules and regulations represent structure and control. Dreams in which you break rules may show your urge toward self-assertion and your desire to test the limits imposed by others. I

If you dream of being accused of breaking rules of whose existence you were unaware shows the unfairness of many life experiences.  You may be frustrated by your circumstances and feel that life is unjust. Police officers can symbolise the upholding of rules of conduct. They may represent inhibition and the censorship of natural impulses by the conscious mind. (Freud claimed that police officers are a super-ego symbol, representing taboos stemming from childhood).

If you dream of being arrested this may symbolise sexuality or emotions being restrained by feelings of guilt. Alternatively, your dream may be telling you to ‘arrest’ you feelings and stop behaving in inappropriate or anti-social ways. If you dream of being chased by the police, it can indicate that you need to face the accusations of a guilty conscience or learn from past mistakes.

Mystical Interpretation: Tradition says that to dream of a police officer means that you will be helped by someone you love. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A priest may represent traditional religion with its spiritual rules and regulations. Are you making moral judgements? Alternatively, he could represent your own spiritual wisdom.

Mystical Interpretation: Any dream concerning a priest is deemed good by superstitious people. In particular it means the end of a quarrel. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may feel that your life is restricted at the moment and your dream reflects your need to change your routines. To release yourself you may need to make major changes to your waking life. Another interpretation is that you are restricted by behaviour that enslaves you or you have repressed your emotions. If you dream of someone else in prison this may represent the element of your personality which you are unable to set free.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition can sometimes interpret dreams in very strange ways. One tells us that if you dream of seeing prisoners it is an omen that soon your dearest wish will be granted. Some sources claim that it predicts a marriage. I wonder why? Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may feel pleased with yourself and are being encouraged by your unconscious. You may have made significant progress in your personal development or may have achieved an important worldly goal. You unconscious is saying ‘You can do it. You can win through!’

Mystical Interpretation: Dream of giving or receiving a prize and you’ll soon be in the money. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may have a conscience about something that has happened or feel guilty about the way you are feeling. Are you be punishing yourself? Sometimes traumatic childhood experiences or overtly authoritarian parents can set in motion a self-punishment cycle that can become an automatic psychological response. You may need to free yourself of the parental and social conditioning that holds you back from being your true self.

If you dream of punishing people you know, you may have a hidden resentment towards them. Alternatively, they may represent aspects of your own personality that you fear. If you dream of punishing an animal, you may feel antagonistic towards your instinctive drives and sexuality. In all instances, you must learn acceptance and forgiveness if you want to be at peace with yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: The gypsies believe that to dream of being punished betrays the guilt you feel for neglecting your relations. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Either you are trying to control someone or someone is trying to control you. Puppets are manipulated by strings or a hidden hand. Is it you who have the power or is someone else pulling the strings?

Mystical Interpretation: The oracles announce that happiness is assured because of your ability to organise people if you dream of puppets. Top

Purple (see Colours)


Psychological Dream Meaning: The purse is a common symbol for female sexuality. It can stand for both the female genitalia and the womb. According to Freud as the purse can be both opened and closed, it sometimes represents the female power to give or withhold favours. As the purse is also a place you keep money, then it may also symbolise treasure, which can be a symbol for the real self. If you dream of losing your purse, then this may be an allegory for losing touch with your real identity. To dream of an empty purse may indicate a loss of security.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream you open your purse and find money in it you will be happy, particularly if you find gold. Similarly, it is good if you find a purse. But beware if you dream that someone tells you they have found a purse as this means that you will hear bad news soon. Top

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