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Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be triggered by a physical ache. Dreams can reveal a great deal about our health and give warnings about potential illness. As well as diagnosing, they sometimes give remedies such as a change in diet or lifestyle. As a symbol, pain occurring in a dream, may represent the emotional hurt you feel at the moment.

Mystical Interpretation: Some dream oracles claim that to feel pain in a dream means that a trivial transaction will cause you a great deal of unhappiness. Other oracles contradict this and say that it means unexpected money is coming your way. Perhaps the key to success is to be careful. Top


(see also Colour)

Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of painting may symbolise your need to express your creative potential. However, it may also show the way you ‘picture’ your situation. What is shown on your canvas or paper? Are the colours bright or drab? Is there a dominance of one hue? For example, reds may indicate that you are feeling aggressive whereas blues may show a period of melancholy.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of painting you means that you will be pleased with your present occupation, but if you get any on your clothes you will be criticised by others. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of a clean, white sheet of paper may symbolise your desire to make a new start in life. It could also represent your desire to express yourself through writing or art. If the paper is a document of some kind, it may refer to something in your past. A common anxiety dream for people in authority is to dream of a desk stacked high with papers. This suggests that you are finding it almost impossible to cope with the stress and demands that comes with responsibility. Are you dealing effectively with incoming work? You may want to consider delegating some of your workload.

Mystical Interpretation: According to the dream oracles to dream of blank paper foretells a period of grief. However, paper with writing on it predicts great joy concerning a love affair. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Paradise may represent the state of spiritual perfection that you wish to achieve. It may also be your dream’s way of giving you a temporary respite from the troubles of the real world.

Mystical Interpretation: If your dream of paradise includes palm trees, the good fortune of this auspicious dream is doubled. Sailors believe that this is a dream of safe travel and good luck. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may feel that you are unable to act to deal with a situation or inner problem. It is likely that your own attitudes and emotional baggage are making you unable to act. You may have fears or anxieties about a general or specific issue that are troubling you in more ways than you admit. For every problem, there is a solution. Keep a careful note of your dreams for the rest of this week for they may offer solutions to help you resolve your hidden anxieties. If you dream of someone else being paralysed, they may represent an aspect of yourself that is not being given free expression. Similarly, if you dream of a paralysed animal, your instincts and sexual feelings may be inhibited.  (Some psychologists claim that repeatedly dreaming of paralysis is a sign that your diet needs changing.)

Mystical Interpretation: It was once believed that the ‘nightmare’ was a huge spirit which sat on people while they slept. The feeling of being paralysed was caused because of this demon. In Europe, the solution was to sleep with a knife near the bed because evil spirits feared iron and steel. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: What you take out of the parcel may represent the parts of yourself that you are becoming aware of. This may be a time of self-discovery. It may also be a symbol for your hidden talents. You may be a very ‘gifted’ person and should use your latent abilities.

Mystical Interpretation: You will have a surprise meeting with someone you’ve not seen for a long time if you dream of receiving a parcel. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream can indicate the pleasures of life and particularly social interaction. You may simply feel that you need to get out more and enjoy the company of others. The nature of the party and your feelings will reveal your hidden hopes and fears. For example, a happy party may indicate that you feel self-confident but a naff one may indicate that you are unsure of your social skills. A formal party may represent your working life whereas an orgy may be expressing your sexual frustrations. 

Mystical Interpretation: Traditional interpretations say that this dream indicates that quarrels are ahead unless the party is exceptionally enjoyable. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may feel that some of your friends and family take a parasitically attitude to you. Are you spending too much of your available energy carrying others?  If you are a passenger, this may indicate that you are not in control of your life. Are you always meekly going along with other people’s decisions?

Mystical Interpretation: If you see passengers laden with luggage coming towards you then you will see an improvement in your situation. If they are travelling away from you, conditions will deteriorate. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A passport represents your identity. It may symbolise a period of self-analysis and the need to know your true nature. A passport takes us to foreign lands and the undiscovered world of the unconscious. You may be about to embark on an inner journey of self-discovery.

Mystical Interpretation: According to some oracles, dreaming of passports has nothing to do with travel. It means your love life will blossom! Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may represent your progress and the paths you are taking through life. The references may be to both psychological and material conditions. This may be a good time to reassess your future goals and consider what you most want from life.

Mystical Interpretation: A broad smooth pathway indicates emotional troubles but a rocky road predicts a happy marriage. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may be suggesting that you are undergoing a healing process. Alternatively, it could be a pun to say you must have more patience.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of being a patient indicates that a happy surprise is coming your way. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may show that you are taking charge of your situation. You are ‘paying your own way’.

Mystical Interpretation: Paying may show the workings karma- cause and effect. Everything has its cost: gluttony brings ill health, selfishness brings loneliness, material greed brings spiritual poverty and so on. The key to happiness is to find the middle way between craving and austerity. Accept that you can possess nothing. It all belongs to God who loans us the things of this world. Dedicate the fruits of your labour to God and you will possess nothing and yet have everything. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Pens and pencils are probably being used by your dream as phallic symbols. However they are also symbols of self-expression. Take careful note of anything you write or see written in the dream. This may be a cryptic message from your unconscious.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream lore says that if you dream of a pen that will not write you’ll be charged with serious breach of morality! Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of people you know, this may be your unconscious making you aware of qualities and feelings that you desire. The feelings that your interaction with them gives you expresses will be those you are becoming aware of in real life. If you dream of people you do not know, this may be a way of confronting aspects of yourself. Ask yourself what the dream says about the hidden aspects of yourself. Do you like the person in the dream? What does this person mean to you?

Mystical Interpretation: So long as the people you meet are friendly and well dressed, you can expect good fortune say the dream books of old. Top

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