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(see also Treasure)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreaming of a lack of money can symbolise a lack of the abilities or qualifications needed to achieve some desired goal. Hoarding money can indicate selfishness whereas to dream of sharing money can symbolise magnanimity.

Mystical Interpretation: It was considered fortunate to dream of receiving or finding money as it means good fortune is coming your way. Some superstitions say that to dream of finding money means a birth. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A monk may represent devotion piety and your religious feelings. He could symbolise your need for a period of solitude. In a man’s dream, it may represent the spiritual self.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstitions claim that to dream of a monk foretells unpleasant journeys and dissension in the family. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Monkeys represent your playful, mischievous side. You may feel that your dream expresses a need to be fun loving and to stop taking life so seriously. Monkeys can also represent an immature attitude or repressed sexuality.

Mystical Interpretation: My Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba, teases his followers by calling them ‘monkey mind’ every time they give in to untamed worries, doubts and fears. However, the constantly chattering monkey mind can be stilled by meditation. Your dream may be showing you the way to find this perfect inner peace. Top


(see also Giant)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Towering, monstrous figures often occur in children’s dreams. These figures usually represent adults in the child’s life who dominate him or her with what must seem like invincible power. Children (and adults) are advised to confront these dream monsters in order to come to terms with their emotional lives.

Mystical Interpretation: The old dream books tell us that to dream of slaying a monster denotes that you will overcome enemies and rise to prominence. In ancient Tibet, wrathful monsters were considered to be guardian deities. They symbolise the powers within the self that can deter and destroy ignorance. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: From time immemorial the moon has been regarded as the source of fertility as it governs the tides, rainfall, birth and menstruation. Within dreams, it can therefore symbolise the possibility of personal growth. The moon usually represents the feminine aspect of the self and anything hidden or mysterious. Its associated with water also identifies it with the imagination. A full moon may indicate completion whereas a new moon symbolises new beginnings. An eclipse of the moon may show that your feminine side is being overshadowed by something. A Freudian interpretation of this would say that an eclipse represents getting rid of the attachment to your mother that is detrimental to your personal growth. If the moon eclipses the sun, this may show that unconscious forces may be overpowering the conscious ego.

Mystical Interpretation: Palmistry tells us that the lunar region of the hand (opposite the thumb) is the area where you will find the lines of travel. To dream of the moon may therefore indicate a journey ahead. This is likely to be across water. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The mother may symbolise the unconscious intuitive side of yourself. However, the mother symbol can take both positive or negative forms. She may appear as a kindly mother, grandmother or aunt or as a place such as a cave, church or garden. These images may represent the qualities of solicitude, growth, nourishment and fertility. The negative mother symbol may appear as a witch or a dragon and represents dark destructive tendencies that devours, seduces or poisons. Some people have problems freeing themselves from mother-attachment. This prevents the development of their individuality and inner self-dependence.

Mystical Interpretation: Most mystical traditions have the symbol of the Mother written into their legends and myths. At her most exalted she is the divine Great Mother at her most frightening she is the gorgon Medusa or the Sumerian goddess Lilith. Freud believed that the Greek myths of Oedipus and Electra symbolised psychological conditions. In the story Oedipus killed his farther and married his mother. Freud claimed that this represented a boy’s incestuous desire for his mother and jealousy towards his father. Similarly Electra desired her father and was jealous of her mother. A girl may therefore unconsciously believe that she has been castrated by her mother and is now an incomplete male. According to Freud this gives rise to ‘penis-envy’, which is one of the root causes of women’s feelings of inferiority. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Mountains represent the lofty, planes of consciousness. It is the realm of the ‘higher self’, the part of you that has higher, transcendent knowledge. Dreaming of being at the top of a mountain may show how you now feel that you have risen above the common routines of life and achieved something with spiritual meaning. Conversely, it may show your desire to do this. Mountains can also indicate that you are in touch with or thinking about the higher dimensions of reality. In particular you may be thinking in a positive way about death and the afterlife. On a more mundane level, climbing a mountain may symbolise your sense of achievement and the arduous effort needed for a long-term undertaking. You are on the slippery slopes to success and have the self-determination to reach the summit.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of climb a mountain effortlessly then all your ventures will be successful but if you fail in your efforts to reach the summit your plans will fail. To the Chinese a mountain can symbolise the unshakeable peace that comes from keeping the mind still during meditation. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Words can heal and harm. Your dream may be saying something about harsh words that have been spoken. Or you may be reminded of something said to you recently. Perhaps you have said something you shouldn’t have said. A mouth may also symbolise your need to express yourself or talk about an issue that’s troubling you. Perhaps there is a part of your personality that needs to express itself? Freud, of course, believed mouths to be a sexual symbol representing the vagina. He also said that to dream about mouths may represent a childhood fixation marked by immature characteristics such as verbal aggression.

Mystical Interpretation: It is claimed that a large mouth shows riches to come but a small mouth betokens poverty. To see someone with a twisted or misshapen mouth foretells a family quarrel. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of murdering someone you know, then this dream may reveal your hidden feelings of resentment towards that person. Similarly, the person being murdered could represent an aspect of yourself that you are trying to repress or destroy. What is it about yourself that you are trying to kill off? If you are the one being murdered, then this may show how you are at the mercy of your emotions. Perhaps you have repressed your instincts that are now seeking vengeance.

Mystical Interpretation: The jury’s still out on this one. Some oracles claim that this dream foretells sorrow but others say the dream has no prophetic significance. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A museum may represent the history of yourself and your past. It exhibits all of the important events that have made you into the person you are today. It can also represent the archaic world of the collective unconscious.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of being in a museum denotes a period ahead of unhappiness and boredom say some dream soothsayers. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Music is the opposite of chaos. In dreams, it represents harmony and the infinite potential of creative life. Your dream music can also express the emotions that you are feeling at the moment. Is the tone happy, tragic, sad or threatening? Also, take note of any words and consider whether the tunes you hear have any personal associations. If the music you hear is discordant it may suggest that your creative potential has become distorted. May of the great composers claimed that they spontaneously ‘heard’ their greatest works while dreaming or immediately after waking.

Mystical Interpretation: The pipes of Pan, the pied Piper and the haunting call of the Harpies all express the closeness of the Unconscious inner realm to the world of death. Mystics also talk of the ‘music of the spheres’ the ethereal music that symbolises the harmony of the cosmos. It is said that sometimes we may hear the songs of the angels in our dreams. Top

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