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Dream Meanings M

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be telling you that you have been behaving in an inappropriate way. Have you recently experienced a ‘moment of madness’? Perhaps you secretly feel that you are too conventional and want to throw away the shackles of routine behaviour.

Mystical Interpretation: Fortune smiles upon you if you dream of meeting a lunatic. The oracles say that it means you will meet someone of great influence who will help you to become prosperous. In Japan, it is believed that if you dream that your hair is on fire you will go completely bonkers. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: For a man a male figure may be a symbol for yourself. For a woman he represents the other half of your personality- the side of you that is rational, intellectual, competitive, aggressive and analytical.

Mystical Interpretation: If he is handsome, everything will be fine, you may even become rich, but if he’s as ugly as sin watch out- problems with friends are ahead. Top


(See also Numbers)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The psychologist Carl Jung noticed that many of his patients’ dreams contained geometrical shapes such as triangles, squares and circles. He realised that these had great significance. As his patients progressed towards psychological health, the shapes became symmetrical with squares and circles radiating in intricate patterns from a central point. Jung understood that similar symbolism could be found in the geometrical patterns and religious diagrams that Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus and Taoists used as a focus for meditation. These mandalas, as they are called in the East, represent the unity and wholeness of the psyche that is as beautiful and complex as an unfolding flower. Mandalas are your dream signposts to higher consciousness.

Mystical Interpretation: The mandala represents the oneness of the psyche with the cosmos. Inner and outer become the same. Tibetan Buddhists still use mandalas as a focus of concentration and some adepts can even sustain the image of a mandala in their mind’s eyes as they sleep. Certain mandalas are claimed to release magical powers. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A market may represent your career. It may show what you can offer the world. Similarly, it may illustrate what you have to trade in order to achieve your goals. For example, do you have to trade your domestic happiness for business success etc? The goods sold in the market may clarify the dream’s theme. Antiques may represent your past, fruit and vegetables may show your potential for inner growth and cheap goods may show that you undervalue your talents.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that to dream of a market denotes thrift. For a young woman it foretells changes. Top

Marriage (see Wedding)


Psychological Dream Meaning: A mask represents the way that we present ourselves to the world. We talk of ‘putting on a brave face’ or ‘masking our feelings’. Psychologists call this psychological mask the Persona. The danger comes when we forget our true identity and believe that we really are the person we have been pretending to be. If we identify with it too closely, mistaking it for the real self, it will appear in our dreams as an artificial being such as a scarecrow or robot. Ask yourself why you are wearing a mask. And what does the face say about the way you present yourself to the world? The nature of the mask may reveal to you that you are pretending an emotion you do not feel, or hiding your real feelings. Have the courage to be the person you really are.

Mystical Interpretation: Mahomet, the founder of Islam, used dreams as a way of explaining the faith. He relates in the Koran a dream in which the angel Gabriel takes him up to heaven riding a silvery grey mare where God gives him instructions. Arabic works are full of amazing dream insights. This one may help you understand you dream about masks: ‘He whose soul is pure is never deceived by his dreams, whereas he whose soul is blemished is continually deluded.’ Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: To enter a maze in a dream usually relates to the descent into the unconscious part of yourself. It may show the complex defences that your conscious mind has put up to prevent your unconscious desires from coming into the light. The path to self-discovery does not follow a straight lone, but involves occasional returns to earlier starting-points. Your waking life may be particularly complicated at the moment and you may feel that you’re covering the same ground repeatedly.

Mystical Interpretation: The maze in mythology is a place of transformation where the destructive tendencies of nature are overcome. A classical example of this inner transformation is found in the Greek myth of how Theseus and Ariadne overcome the Minotaur in the labyrinth. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may have met someone who is ‘melting your heart’ or maybe you feel that you can stop being intractable and stubborn. If snow is melting this may show how your icy feelings are becoming a little warmer. You have been emotionally cool for too long but now you’re starting to thaw out. Similarly, you may feel that a restrictive and emotionally paralysing situation is beginning to ease. 

Mystical Interpretation: According to superstition melting gold brings sadness, melting silver indicates money problems and melting ice indicates that a situation is getting out of control. Top


(see also Anima, Sea.)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The mermaid symbolises the Anima- the female aspect of the male psyche. As part woman, part fish, she embodies the mystery that haunts the male psyche. She is the bringer of secret wisdom from the depths of the unconscious-represented by the sea. She is also the seductive siren who may lure the active male energies of the conscious mind into the uncharted depths of the unconscious. A man who dreams of a mermaid may have fears of being ‘drowned’ by the feminine or by the unconscious. In a woman’s dream, a mermaid might express doubts about her femininity. In some dreams, a mermaid can represent a fear of sex.

Mystical Interpretation: Mythology has many figures that are part human, part animal. The upper half represents the conscious ego but the lower fish half is still primitive, irrational and in need of conscious attention. (A similar comparison can be made with the centaur or Pan) These mystical symbols were invented to show how the animal and human nature are inseparable. Top

Message (see letter)


(see also Rat(s))

Psychological Dream Meaning: Mice can represent your instincts. It may also be a symbol of timidity. They can also represent the small issues that nibble away at your psychological resources.

Mystical Interpretation: The plague of mice and rats in the fair story The Pied Piper of Hamlin can be interpreted as an allegory for the instincts overcoming rational thought. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may represent your maternal instincts. Similarly, it may represent mother-love or nurturing of ideas. If you dream of drinking milk this may show your need for spiritual sustenance. If you dream of giving milk to others this may show how you are teaching spiritual values or giving spiritual inspiration to others.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of drinking milk is an omen of good health, particularly if it is a mother’s milk. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: What you dream of seeing in the mirror is the way you see yourself or the way that you want others to see you. You may not like what you see. Many people have the alarming dream of looking in the mirror and seeing someone else’s face reflected there. This sudden fear of not knowing who we are is an identity crisis. What face did you see? The person, animal or object you saw will give you clues to the nature of the identity problem. Do not be worried by this dream it demonstrates that you are progressing in the journey of self-discovery. You are prepared to look at yourself. Next, you may want to make changes to your behaviour. However, if the person in the mirror has their eyes closed then this indicates that you are unwilling to face reality.

Mystical Interpretation: An ancient and widespread superstition held that the reflection of a person seen in a glass was actually their soul. For this reason, Dracula has no reflection. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of mixing chemicals, potions or even a cocktail is a metaphor to show, not the entrance of a new element to life, but a mixing of elements already there. For example it can show the blending of opposite sides of your personality and may imply that you should adopt an attitude that is more flexible. There is a school of thought that interpret this blending as the interaction of the left and right sides of the brain, representing logic and intuition.

Mystical Interpretation: The Tarot cards, Temperance shows an angel pouring water from one chalice to another and the Star shows a woman pouring water into a pool and onto the land beside her. Similarly, the zodiac sign of Aquarius is represented by a water-bearer. Like your dream, these images symbolise the flow of life; the essential connection between conscious and unconscious; and the blending of male and female elements. Top

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