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Psychological Dream Meaning: A library may represent your desire to learn more and gain new knowledge. It may also represent the knowledge you have accumulated over the years. It is the world of ideas that you explore in your dreams. If people talk in the library or you fail to find the books you want this may indicate the need for greater concentration or discrimination.

Mystical Interpretation: According to the wise women of yore, this dream predicts that you will deceive your friends. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A lift coming up from a basement may show ideas arising from the unconscious. Going high in a lift may indicate a more elevated and detached viewpoint. You may be more rational but be careful not to lose touch with your instinct and intuition.

Mystical Interpretation: The ancient sages took the stairs. However, modern superstition claims that to dream of travelling in a lift means success if it goes up but disappointment if the lift goes down. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The appearance of light in dreams symbolises consciousness. Light confirms that profound insights are illuminating or about to illuminate your conscious mind. Light can also take various forms: as a rainbow it symbolises hope, as sunlight happiness and as moonlight it is the guidance that comes from the unconscious, intuitive part of yourself. 

Mystical Interpretation: The light you see may have a deep spiritual significance. It may represent your journey towards enlightenment or a direct experience of the inner light described by mystics. The light may have religious associations with Christ as the light of the world, the boundless light of Buddha’s Nirvana or the ‘light of ten thousand suns’ as described in the yoga sutras. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The lighthouse symbolises guidance. It helps you safely journey the stormy seas of the unconscious. Consider what it is that has helped you. Perhaps you have met someone in waking life who has guided you or have discovered a philosophy or religion to light your way and keep you off the rocks of despair.

Mystical Interpretation: You will have many new opportunities to chosse from say the oracles. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Lightning can suggest the emotional shock that we experience from sudden and unexpected events. Lightning can be destructive yet it can also show the illuminating brilliance of inspiration. We talk of being ‘struck’ by a great idea or insight. Lightning also reminds us of the awesome power of nature and how many of the forces that govern our lives remain beyond our control.

Mystical Interpretation: Gods of thunder and lightening have appeared in the earliest mythologies. Some authorities believe these ancient gods are the original gods of Neolithic man preserved in the stories and legends that were passed on from generation to generation. Like many of these archaic myths, lightening may be a sexual symbol. When lightening strikes the ground, it represents mother earth being impregnated by the sky-god. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Lions are usually a regal dream symbol of power and pride. In a woman’s dream, it may represent the male aspect of her psyche. A Freudian interpretation may consider lions to represent the powerful and admired aspect of the father. It may also symbolise your ‘animal’ nature or your aggressiveness and will to power.

Mystical Interpretation: In the Tarot cards, the Lion is a symbol of strength that can be controlled by gentleness (symbolised by a woman dressed in white). Astrology tells us that Leos, the sign of the Lion, are gregarious and like to be the centre of attention. Perhaps your dream is saying that you are displaying these egocentric qualities? Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may simply be about your money worries. This dream can also symbolise how you draw too heavily upon your emotional resources. You may feel that you are too self-reliant and now need a little help and support from your friends.

Mystical Interpretation: A quaint Old English superstition claims that if you dream of laughing while returning a loan you will attract great good luck. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: According to some psychologists dreams about being lost frequently symbolises the beginning of a new phase of life and expresses the anxiety of leaving behind the familiar. Your dream may also express your worries about having no direction to your life. At times like this, it is wise to make a simple written list of the things that you want to achieve in life. Set yourself an attainable goal; set a deadline; and go for it!

If you dream of losing something then ask yourself what it symbolises about yourself. For example, if you dream of losing money it may show that you feel you’ve lost your self-confidence or something you value about yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: One dusty old dream book warns that to dream of loosing something means you may cut yourself by accident. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of winning the lottery may be your way of having an inner holiday. For a few short hours, all your material troubles are over. However, keep a careful note of the numbers- for I’ve met someone who dreamed of winning and did!

Mystical Interpretation: A dodge one. Most of the superstitions claim that it is unlucky to dream of the lottery. Top

LSD (see Pill)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Luggage may represent your responsibilities. It may also symbolise the worries, habits and attitudes you carry around with you. Perhaps you should lighten your load and become a little more carefree. If you dream of giving your luggage to someone else this may show a need to delegate responsibility.

Mystical Interpretation: We have too many material possessions, desires, worries and needs that weigh us down and slow our spiritual progress. My guru Sai Baba says “Less luggage gives more comfort and makes travel a pleasure. Reduce your desires, and this journey to Sai can become a real pleasure for you..’ Diminishing the luggage (shedding desires) is Vairagya. If we lessen our desires then life’s journey, will be comfortable. Top

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