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(see also Accidents, Airplane, Car, Train.)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The act of dreaming is a journey of discovery into the centre of yourself. Consequently, there are many meanings associated with this dream theme. Firstly, the dream may represent your journey through life. An open road suggests progress but a rocky path may show that you feel that your way is arduous. Lush scenery may show that you feel happy with your circumstances but an arid desert may indicate loneliness or a lack of creativity. Sometimes the hard path is the right way forward or you may want to establish a more comfortable, easygoing, pattern of behaviour.

Are you aware of the destination and goal of your journey? Perhaps it is to discover your true self?  You may feel that you tread on hallowed ground as you come closer to your own inner divinity. Sometimes the paths take us to strange lands or unfamiliar foreign countries. This can mean that your unconscious is inviting you to explore it. In mythology, a journey to the west can symbolise the journey to old age whereas an eastward journey can indicate rejuvenation. If towns feature in your dream, consider what they represent. For example, Paris may show that you have a romantic frame of mind whereas cold Moscow may symbolise and emotional Cold War between you and your partner. You will also have many personal associations relating to places. Ask yourself what they represent and what feelings they represent.

Mystical Interpretation: The old-fashioned dream interpretations correspond to the modern meanings. For example, ease of travel or obstacles reflect the ease or difficulties you will find in the future. In addition, the medieval mystics said that to dream of seeing cheerful friends starting out on a journey means that you will experience a very happy period ahead. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A judge may represent self-reproach or guilt. You may fear getting caught or having a secret plan revealed. Your dream may be helping you to decide what to do, it is helping you to make a judgement of your situation. Sometimes judges can represent society and the way it judges you. Freud believed that a judge is a personification of the super-ego- the standards of conventional morality that you assimilated from your parents and society. This aspect of yourself my censor your instinctive feelings and desires.

Mystical Interpretation: Your sharp tongue will make you a new friend. Top

Interpretaions for Dreams About JUDGEMENT


Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream illustrates how you are trying to keep all of the elements of your life in order and in play. You are doing too much.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that your indecision will lead to failure. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you are jumping to orders then your dream may be telling you to be more assertive. Stop obeying the will and whims of others. Be your own master and soon you’ll dream of jumping for joy.

Mystical Interpretation: According to superstition if you trip while jumping you will overcome difficulties and eventually gain Topsuccess.


Psychological Dream Meaning: A jungle is a symbol of the unconscious and its animals represent the untamed primitive instincts. Locked away in the collective unconscious are archaic memories of primordial times. Some dreams about jungles may be million year old memories passed on to us by our distant ancestors. The French painter Henri Rousseau captured the wonderful mystery of these strange dreams in paintings such as La Charmeuse de Serpents 1907.

Mystical Interpretation: Problems ahead if you get lost but they will clear if you dream of finding your way out. Top

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