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Dream Meanings H



Psychological Dream Meaning: A hill may represent an obstacle that you have to overcome in waking life. If the journey is arduous then you may be attempting something that is beyond your strength. However, if the journey is easy you may now have the inner resources you need to complete your task. Move forward one step at a time and be self-confident.

Mystical Interpretation: In this case, the superstitious interpretation is the same as the psychological one. A Freudian psychologist may add that hills represent a woman’s breasts- probably your mother’s. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may represent your lifestyle. You are probably extremely active and working very hard at the moment. And just like the busy bees, you need to be well organised. If you dream of something upsetting the order of the hive then this represents the factors that are disrupting the smooth running of your waking life activities.

Mystical Interpretation: In rural superstition, bees were always considered to be wise creatures with a special knowledge of the future. Dreams that include bees or hives may hold clues to future events.  Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: To a Freudian psychologist a hole represents the vagina or womb and your dream may therefore be about sexual issues. It may also represent how you feel hollow and empty within. Could it be that you have indulged so much in feelings of depression that it’s like digging yourself into a hole that you can’t get out of? You may need to introduce new interests into your life in order to restore your feeling of self-worth and fulfilment. To dream of holes in clothes may indicate that you are worried about your self-image.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of crawling into a hole augurs badly. You will befriend seedy and unreliable people. Top

Holiday (see Vacation)


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may be about your need for security. You may feel that your situation is better now. For example, do you feel ‘at home’ in your job is your environment ‘homely’? Perhaps you feel that after a period of struggle you are now on home ground? Your dream may also include references to your own childhood or, if single, thoughts about starting a family of your own.

Mystical Interpretation: The nomadic gypsies claim that to dream of being forced to leave your home indicates that a favourable opportunity awaits you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Honey is represents sweetness and feelings that bring you happiness such as love, peace and joy. It is the spirit or life force that sustains us. In the Far East, lies are sometimes called ‘poisoned honey’.

Mystical Interpretation: Honey is the food of the gods so this dream may be showing your desire to attain divine consciousness. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Wild forces that have been tamed are symbolised by the horse. Horses are also a symbol of sexuality and were considered by Freud to represent the terrifying aspect of the father. To dream of ridding an out-of-control horse, may indicate that you are being ‘carried away’ by your passions, whereas a tightly tethered horse may show that you inhibit these natural feelings. If you fear the horses in your dream, then you may fear your own instinctive nature (Literally a ‘night mare’). In short, horses represent the wild energies of the psyche that need to be both bridled and respected.

Mystical Interpretation: In some myths and fairytales horses speak. In dreams, this represents the voice of your unconscious- a message from your innermost self. In Greek myth, horses were associated with Hades, the underworld and death. However, dream prophecy says that to dream of horses indicates that you will receive news from a distance. And it is extremely lucky to dream of a horse being shod. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A hospital is a place of healing. Your dream may offer you cures to improve your psychological or physical health. Observe in which department your dream is set- it may give you important clues to the nature of your problem. You may need some rest or may be trying to recover from a psychological wound that requires inner healing. Or perhaps the dream has a warning about your physical health? Does the dream offer a cure? Does it suggests a healthier behaviour pattern or diet? They called Edgar Cayce ‘the sleeping prophet’ because he would fall asleep and answer questions put to him about the health of people he had never met. He gave startlingly accurate diagnoses and his revolutionary treatments and cures are still being used and researched today. Hidden within our dreams are the keys to spiritual, psychological and physical health.

Mystical Interpretation: The Ancient Greeks believed that dreams not only give a diagnosis of a person’s health but also suggest cures. In particular this was affirmed by Hippocraties who is considered the ‘father of medicine’. Student doctors still pledge the Hippocratic Oath. Tibetan medicine also takes note of a patient’s dreams in order to uncover the spiritual cause of their physical ills. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A hotel is an impermanent abode and in dreams represents a transition from one set of circumstances to another. Your dream may highlight a feeling impermanence or perhaps a shift or loss of personal identity. It may indicate a change to a relationship or the price that has to be paid to sustain it.

Mystical Interpretation: If the hotel is luxurious then failure is predicted but if it’s a seedy old motel, you will soon experience good fortune. Top


(see also Buildings)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A house represents your psychological condition. Specific rooms in the house detail what aspect of your psychological life the dream is highlighting. Attic: the intellect. Basement: the personal unconscious. Bathroom: base feelings, childhood thoughts, and cleanliness. Bedroom: the private self and sexuality. Den: work and efficiency. Library: intellectual life. Living room: your public image. Roof: an overview of yourself. Windows: the way to interact with the world.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream lore has many different interpretations for this dream. Here’s the simplest: Country house: tranquillity ahead. Building a house: you will be self-confident. New house: a busy social life. Empty house: low income. Moving house: worries about money. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may simply feel hungry. However, from a symbolic perspective this dream can represent craving for sex, power, wealth, fame etc. Perhaps you feel a lack of satisfaction and that your potential is not being recognised. You may be hungry for affection or an opportunity.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that the hungrier you are the more destiny will smile upon you. Top


(see also Chase)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The hunt represents your pursuit of what you want. You may be ‘hunting for a solution’ or perhaps it shows a desire to achieve wealth or status. Is the dream about sexual conquest? If the hunt involves the killing of an animal, you may be trying to repress or destroy an instinctive aspect of yourself.

Mystical Interpretation:  Dream lore says: Hunting a hare indicates troubles ahead while a fox predicts deceit by a friend. However, dream of if you hunting a deer you will win the heart of your sweetheart. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This may simply be a dream about your relationship and your unconscious feelings about him. However, you may also be projecting other qualities into this dream image. He may sometimes represent your father or the male side of your own personality (animus)

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that there will be troubles ahead if you dream of being married when you’re not. Top

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