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Dream Meanings E

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams often expose our hidden weaknesses and fears. You may feel that your self-confidence has been undermined or feel insecure about your sexuality.

Mystical Interpretation: Some old dream superstitions say that dreams represent the opposite to what they appear to mean. In this case, the greater the embarrassment you feel, the greater your success will be! Top




Psychological Dream Meaning: You feel that something is missing in your life. To dream of an empty room, box, house or vessel may be expressing your feelings of emotional emptiness. Freud believed that these feelings were the result of repression.

Mystical Interpretation: Ventures undertaken at this time will be futile say the dream oracles. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The enemy may be the enemy within. Do you have inner conflicts that need resolving? You may have rejected part of yourself that is struggling with you to find expression. This shadow side of yourself may contain the qualities you need foe personal wholeness. Alternatively the enemy may represent problems with real-life enemy and your dream may give you clues to reconciliation.

Mystical Interpretation: They say that if you dream of enemies, it means you will have helpful friends. Top


(see also Chase)

Psychological Dream Meaning: You may be wanting to escape from a restrictive attitude or situation that is preventing your psychological growth. Alternatively you may be taking an escapist attitude and refuse to face up to problems that continue to pursue you.

Mystical Interpretation: The oracles say: ‘A man who dreams of trying to escape from danger will soon face serious trouble.’ Top

Ether (see Elements)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Everyone has a dark side. The evil that occurs in dreams usually represents something about yourself. It may represent destructive psychological forces such as: anger, jealousy, revenge or hatred. If you recognise these tendencies within yourself, first accept them, and then practice the opposite in waking life. For example, if you dream of hatred practice love, if you dream of revenge practice forgiveness and if you dream of jealousy practice giving. 

Mystical Interpretation: The ancient Chinese oracle of the I Ching, that is often used for dream interpretation, says: “The best way to overcome evil is by energetic perseverance in the good” Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreaming of sitting for an examination may express a fear of failure.  Examinations are a very stressful experience in which we are made to face up to our shortcomings. If you dream of failing an exam, being late for an examination or being unprepared then this shows that you feel unprepared for the challenges of waking life. Do not fear failure. Always do your very best and you will never have regrets.

Mystical Interpretation: Ancient dream guides tell us that to dream of passing an examination forecasts success in life but if you fail the exam you likewise fail in life. However, other sources say that to dream of failure augers success, so who knows what is the correct answer to this dream interpretation? Top

See also taking a test or examination


Psychological Dream Meaning: Excrement represents something you need to be rid of. This may be a negative attitude, out dated mode of behaviour or destructive influences from the past. Get rid of these negative emotions and stop being so emotionally constipated. Alternatively, you may have practical worries in waking life a feel that you’ve ‘landed in the shit.’

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of treading in dog’s mess while walking down the street it means you will have unexpected good money luck. (You’ll be stinking rich!) Top

Explosion (see Bomb)


Psychological Dream Meaning: These ‘widows to the soul’ give us clues to the state of our spiritual health and wellbeing. If the eyes are bright, it suggests a healthy inner life. They may also represent insight or psychic awareness.  The eye can be a symbol of wisdom and clear perception of your circumstances. It can show your way of looking at things. Are the eyes happy, sad, kind, judgmental or enlightened? The nature of the eye may say a great deal about the way you perceive your circumstances. For example, a green eye may symbolise the fact that you, or someone near to you, have feelings of jealousy. If you dream of ‘the evil eye’ this can represent your super-ego, the internal censor that passes judgement on your thoughts and desires. In extreme cases, to dream of a sinister eye may indicate that you harbour feelings of paranoia.

Mystical Interpretation: Within mystical traditions, eyes are considered to by a symbol of higher consciousness. It is believed that we have a ‘third eye’ just above the eyebrows in the centre of the forehead. This spiritual centre can perceive other dimensions and spiritual realities.  Directly in line with this centre, in the middle of the brain, lies the pineal gland, which releases the chemicals that may control higher consciousness. It is believed that this was once an eye that over the centuries became buried in the centre of the brain. The Tuatara lizard of New Zealand still has a vestigial eye at to the top of the head that is sensitive to light. Top

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