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Dream Meanings E

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Psychological Dream Meaning: The eagle is a powerful bird that may represent a powerful intellectual or spiritual abilities. For a Christian it may represent John the Evangelist and for an American it may be a symbol of your country.

Mystical Interpretation: Early man considered eagles to be messengers from Sun god. In your dreams, it may be a messenger from your unconscious. Mythology often has stories of the eagle and the lion or the eagle and the snake. These stories are dream symbols that represent psychological opposites such as spiritual/animal, male/female, conscious/ unconscious and thought/instinct. Superstition says that to dream of an eagle is an omen for fame and fortune. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: An ear may be telling you to listen to what you are being told. The advice may be coming from people you know in waking life or from your own inner self. Perhaps you should listen to the voice of your conscience?

Mystical Interpretation: You will hear news soon, but if your ears ache do not trust the person who tells you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams associated with the earth, such as lying on the ground, may show that you need to be realistic. The dream may be telling you to ‘keep your feet on the ground’. At this time, you may need to concentrate on earthly matters rather than becoming over involved in other worldly concerns or flights of fancy. To dream of the planet Earth may be a symbol of your true self that is yet unrealised. However, the psychologist Carl Jung in his autobiography Memories Dreams Reflections confesses that in 1944 he had an out-of-body experience and saw the Earth from a vantage point in space. “It seemed to me that I was high up in space. Far below I saw the globe of the earth, bathed in gloriously blue light” (Fontana ISBN 0 00 642519 4)

Mystical Interpretation: Mother Earth represents the unconscious mind. She is the ‘womb’ that contains potential for further development. Myths about descending into the earth are allegories to describe the descent into the dark realms of the unconscious. If mother earth comes in a fearful guise then this may show that you fear being overwhelmed by chaotic unconscious forces that threaten the order in your life. Mother earth was of course a fertility symbol. To dream of a barren earth means that you need to sow new seeds of life for the future. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Something is upsetting you that has destroyed your feeling of security. You may feel that your whole world is falling apart and you ‘quake with fear’. Similarly, something may be threatening you from below the surface of your awareness. This may be a repressed fear or anxiety that you have pushed underground into the depths of your unconscious.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream superstition interprets earthquakes as a symbol for a change in circumstances. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The sun rises in the East. This direction may therefore represent a new dawn and rebirth. You may also be interested in the philosophy and spiritual wisdom that comes from the great cultures of the East.

Mystical Interpretation: Your plans will be cancelled say the old dream superstitions. Top


(see also Food)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Freud considered the mouth, through which food enters the body, to be the primary erogenous zone. Dreams of eating are therefore closely associated with sexuality. If you dream of gorging yourself it can indicate that you have an indulgent sexuality whereas dreaming of fasting or starvation may indicate that you deny your sexual needs. Eating out at restaurants is often part of couples courting rituals. In dreams meals that have an enjoyable atmosphere reflect a confirmation of intimacy with others and good social relationships. Dreaming of eating in uncomfortable or threatening surroundings may represent frigidity and unhappiness with your relationships.  An alternative explanation is that eating symbolises qualities that you are making part of yourself. For example, you may be digesting some new ideas or perhaps a problem is ‘eating at you’.

Mystical Interpretation: Generally to dream of eating warns of a quarrel or business loss. Seers claimed that it is particularly bad to dream of eating salt or lard as this is a sign of a serious argument. Fortunately, I have never had this dream myself. Top

Eclipse (see Moon)


(see also Shell)

Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of an egg promises that something new is about to happen in your life. You may be ‘hatching’ a new idea or plan. After a period of waiting  wonderful new possibilities will open to you. At this stage you will need to carefully nurture your plans as eggs are delicate things and can be easily broken. The egg could also symbolise inner potentials that are developing within you. You may be learning new skills or feel that you are developing into a new and better person. You need time to incubate this new side of yourself. Soon you will be able to ‘break out of your shell’.

Mystical Interpretation: According to Oneirocriticon by Astrampsychus (c. AD 350) “to hold an egg symbolises vexation” Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The elements are symbols for the sum total of the universe including man. These are divided into solid (Earth), liquid (Water) and vapour (Air) and these three are transformed into one another through the agency of energy (Fire). Psychological qualities can be represented by each of the elements. If these are in balance then it represents psychological wholeness and well-being.

Mystical Interpretation: In astrology the elements symbolise the four essential qualities of mankind: Earth for fertility and steadfastness, Water for imagination, Air for intelligence and Fire for ambition and the will. In addition, the mystics believed in a fifth element called ether. It is intangible fluid state of existence that was claimed by alchemists to permeate everything. Today, may psychics believe that the ether is the medium by which the spirit travels out of the body during sleep. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Elephants can symbolise inner strength and wisdom. The may also represent the memory. Carl Jung believed that they represent the self. The defensive nature of an elephant may represent an introverted nature.

Mystical Interpretation: To a Hindu the elephant headed god Ganesha represents God’s power to remove obstacles. Similarly, western dream interpretation has always considered dreams of elephants to bring great good luck. Top

Elephant Dream Interpretations


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may feel that you are going up in the world. As no effort is required to make you assent, you may feel that someone is helping you or that destiny is working in your favour. You may also have raised your consciousness and see the world from an elevated standpoint. As you transcend the lower planes and perhaps become more cerebral in your thinking, remember not to loose touch with your instinctive and intuitive nature. If the elevator is descending, it can indicate the decent of the conscious ego into the unconscious in order to explore this hidden world. Alternatively, it may represent the decline of your personal power and status. In both instances, remember it’s who we are, not what we are that counts.

Mystical Interpretation: They didn’t have elevators in the good old days. However, it was always considered a good omen to dream of making an ascent without any obstacles and without stumbling. Top

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