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(See also Elevator and Mountain)

Some Climbing Dream Interpretations and examples


Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of wearing a cloak can represent self-protection or protective warmth and love. Freud considered it a symbol for enveloping female sexuality. A cloak can also designate illicit concealment and secrecy. Are you hiding something from yourself or from the world at large? What is it that you ‘cloak in secrecy?’

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of wearing a cloak forecasts a period of uncertainty ahead. If it has a hood, be warned, for someone you trust is deceiving you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A clock or watch may simply represent the passage of time and indicate whether your dream refers to past present or future conditions. It may also show how your life is governed by the artificial routines created by organised society. Perhaps you should live a more carefree lifestyle that is less dependent on deadlines or ‘clock watching’. A clock can also stand for the human heart and therefore the emotional side of your life. For example, a clock showing one minute to midnight may indicate your anxious anticipation about a situation soon to affect you. Similarly, a stopped clock may indicate a stilling of the emotions while a fast moving sports watch may show that your emotions are running out of control. 

Mystical Interpretation: To hear a clock chime augers bad news say the dream oracles. Top


(see also Underclothes, Nudity, Theatre)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Clothes can express our personality or be used to hide away our imperfections. The colours of your dream clothes can symbolise your moods. For example, brightly coloured clothes may show happiness and optimism whereas dark clothes may indicate depression and secrets. If the clothes you wear are tattered, then you may need to discard your worn-out attitudes and habits. You may want to redesign yourself and establish a new self-image. You can become a new person. To dream of changing your clothes, may indicate a change of lifestyle. If your clothes are over-tight, this can indicate that you feel restricted in some way. You may feel constrained in a relationship, held back at work or restricted in your professional role.

Mystical Interpretation: Early dream dictionaries say that to dream of seeing a naked woman is lucky. It foretells that some unexpected honours await you. It was also deemed unlucky to dream of having too many clothes for this meant that you lacked the necessities of life. To dream of new clothes means that you will have a domestic tiff. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Clouds may represent your moods. White cumulus clouds may represent cheerfulness or spirituality whereas dark ominous clouds may represent depression or thunderous anger. Clouds also forecast rain and with it the release of tension.

Mystical Interpretation: Many mystical traditions advise us to clear the clouds of ignorance so that the light of enlightenment may shine. Similarly, clouds protected the Greek gods who lived on Mount Olympus. Only our intuition can penetrate the highest knowledge. Top




Coffin Dream Interpretation here


Psychological Dream Meaning: Colour can evoke strong emotional responses and the colours revealed in dreams can tell us a great deal about our emotional state. Psychologist sometimes use colour tests to judge the emotional condition of their patients and a Feng Shui expert will used colour in the home to attract the best energies to bring you good fortune. However the colour meanings can vary from individual to individual and you may have your own personal associations with a particular colour. As with all dream interpretation, trust your own gut feelings..

RED: Red represents passion and sexuality. It can also represent anger or blood- the colour of our life force.
ORANGE: Orange is usually associated with balance and healing. It is the passions refined.
YELLOW: Often associated with artistic inspiration yellow is sometimes considered the colour of the coward.
GREEN: The colour of nature brings new life and hope. Its negative association is with jealousy
BLUE: Blue is the spiritual colour and is claimed to be the colour that healers have in their auric field. Blue brings harmony and, like the sky, it implies freedom. And of course, it can sometimes represent depression when we get the ‘blues’.
PURPLE: This is the colour or Royalty and profound spiritual knowledge.
BLACK: Usually a colour associated with depression. Time to get rid of those ‘black’ thoughts. It may also indicate unconsciousness.
WHITE: White is usually a symbol of purity. In-Depth analysis for White here

Mystical Interpretation: We psychics see colours in the aura which is the energy field that surrounds living things. The dream meaning of colours may relate to the spiritual values that we traditionally associate with each colour. They are: RED: Sensuality ORANGE: Cleansing. YELLOW Inspiration. GREEN: Recovery. BLUE: Healing. PURPLE: Clairvoyance. BLACK: Illness. WHITE: Spirituality. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your unconscious may be showing you the way. You may need to reconsider the direction your life is going or need to take time out to get your bearings. This is a hopeful dream that promises to end your feeling of disorientation.

Mystical Interpretation: If you believe in Chinese Feng Shui you will know that the eight compass directions symbolise different qualities: South relates to fame fortune and recognition or reputation. Southwest relates to marriage romantic happiness and partnerships West relates to children and creativity. North West relates to helpful people mentors and networking.  North relates to career and business success. North East relates to knowledge, study and introspection. East relates to family, elders, authority figures and health. Southeast relates to wealth and prosperity. Top

Conflict (See War)


(See also Food)

Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of preparing food for other people, this may indicate that you have a desire to influence others. You may want people to like you or become dependent upon you. Cooking can also symbolise your need to transform a realisation of a ‘raw’ truth or emotion into something more palatable. Finally, the dream may represent your awareness of plans in preparation i.e. ‘something’s cooking’.

Mystical Interpretation: The dream weavers of old say that to dream of cooking means that many friends will visit you in the future. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Perhaps you feel frustrated by events that you can do nothing about. You feel trapped. You feel cornered. You are being forced to make a decision and now must take control of the situation. However, to dream of turning a corner suggests that things have taken a turn for the better and you have taken a new, and perhaps better, direction.

Mystical Interpretation: Corners are usually considered to be places where negative energy accumulates. You need to be more positive. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreaming of a long corridor that has no end may show that you are desperate to escape a repetitive situation. As well as external troubles this dream could also symbolise repetitive behaviour patterns that you need to be free of. In most dreams, corridors represent the passing of one phase of your life to another.

Mystical Interpretation: In mysticism, corridors and passageways are places where energy moves fast and cannot accumulate. To dream of a corridor may therefore show that you are in danger of loosing your energy and vitality. Top

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Interpretaions for Dreams About COURT


(see also Anima/Animus)

Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of a couple may symbolise the need to bring together the male and female parts of your psyche.

Mystical Interpretation: Alchemy was a spiritual tradition that sought spiritual transformation of the psyche. The Royal Couple is one of the main symbols found in Philosophia reformata written by Mylius in 1622. Their coming together and merging to become one being symbolises spiritual wholeness. Top


(see also Mother)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Cows nurture and are used by dreams to symbolise the mother. Perhaps you are nurturing some new ideas or a part of yourself? For a man a cow can represent the feminine part of himself. It may also represent an easygoing attitude. Your dream may be telling you to stop rushing around and take your time. Cows also remind us of the qualities of dignity, strength and passive endurance.

Mystical Interpretation: Cows are sacred to the Hindus because they symbolise the protective, nurturing aspect of the godhead. Krishna taught the cow herders not to worship an unseen God but their own cows. “There is where your devotion is, and where God’s blessing to you resides. Worship your cows!” The lesson is clear to the point that “God is your highest concern.” In the East to dream of a cow is therefore a great blessing. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Perhaps the crocodile is you? Are you being snappy all the time? The crocodile can be a symbol of aggressiveness and the shadowy realm of the instincts. Alternatively, the dream may reveal that you, or someone close to you, have been displaying false emotions and shedding ‘crocodile tears’.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of a crocodile was believed to mean that your best friends will deceive you. Top


(see also Mandala)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The cross has been used as a symbol from before the Christian era. For example the Greek cross, with its four arms of equal length, is a mandala and equates with wholeness. Similarly, the Native Americans drew crosses to symbolise the quartering of the universe into active and passive units. As a Christian symbol, it can represent suffering, martyrdom, death and sacrifice. Perhaps your dream is telling you that you have a cross to bear. Find out what it is that makes you suffer and begin healing this condition that brings you so much pain. Similarly, the cross also indicates resurrection. The ego must be sacrificed on the cross so that you can rise to God consciousness.

Mystical Interpretation: In mysticism, the cross symbolises the fourfold divisions of nature such as seasons, directions and elements. In the ancient world, it was considered the ideal shape of man, the blueprint of his nature. It is also closely associated with the life giving power of the tree. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your life has come to a crisis point and you must now choose between a number of options. Each road represents a direction you can travel in your life at this time. The choice may be difficult and painful but you must make your decision.

Mystical Interpretation: They hanged criminals at the crossroads so that the maximum number of travellers would witness the consequences of crime. As a dream symbol the crossroads can therefore represent crime, punishment and death. However most old dream books say that to dream of a crossroads means you will have an important decision to make about love or business. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The crow may represent the dark part of your psyche that appears at first to be frightening but contains what you need for spiritual enrichment. Crows, like angels, were once believed to be the messengers of the gods. In your dream, they are messengers from your unconscious.

Mystical Interpretation: Associated with witchcraft the crow is said to have the gift of prophecy. Some people believe that dreams that include crows foretell future events. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be telling you that you need to make some space for yourself. All of us need to seek solitude occasionally so that we can reflect upon events. In these moments of quiet meditation we can recharge and gain a clearer insight into what it is we truly want from life. Dreaming about a crowd may show how the worries and the problems of the world are pressing in on you. Seek the peace that can only be found in solitude.

Mystical Interpretation: Old dream books say that it is fortunate to dream of a crowd so long as they are well dressed or wearing brightly coloured costumed. It means many friends will come your way. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The mathematical symmetry of a crystal can represent unity and wholeness. The crystal may represent the quintessence of your self. It is the pure spirit, the divine cosmic plan unfolding in human form. It is the eternal part of you unsullied by the gross world.  If you dream of gazing into a crystal this can show how you are looking within yourself to find your true destiny.

Mystical Interpretation: Crystals are associated with the healing powers of the spirit. Their vibrations resonate with the life-force within the aura and bring peace, harmony and health. To dream of a crystal reveals that these hidden potentials are also within you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The cup is considered to be a classic female sexual symbol. It may also represent something passive from which you can draw sustenance. If the cup contains wine, your dream may have a spiritual message.

Mystical Interpretation: The dream may be referring to the Holy Grail and the search for spiritual sustenance. A cup can also stand for love and truth. For example, the Tarot card suit of cups symbolise the querant's emotional life and are generally a fortunate augury. Top


(see also Clothes, Mother and Persona)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A Freudian psychologist will tell you that cupboards represent the mother and show your desire to return to the secure waters of your mother’s womb. However, it may simple represent something that you open in order to reveal a truth. Perhaps there is a skeleton hidden in the cupboard- something about yourself that you do not want to accept or reveal. As a cupboard usually contains clothes, the dream may be telling you about the side of yourself that you present to the world. (your persona)

Mystical Interpretation: Dream superstition tells us that if you dream of an empty cupboard you will be poor but if it is full then good fortune will not desert you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of opening curtains can show your readiness to look at what has been hidden whereas closing curtains may show a desire to hide or repress your feelings. Theatre curtains can represent the beginning or ending of something. Death has sometimes been called ‘the final curtain’. Perhaps your behaviour has been a ‘bit of a performance’ but now you’ve changed your ways?

Mystical Interpretation: Tradition has it that to dream of curtains means that an unwelcome visitor will arrive. There may be quarrels. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: To cut is to sever and separate. Your dream may be an allegory for a broken relationship, a major change in your circumstances or an ending of an outmoded way of behaviour.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream oracles tell us that to dream of being cut means that a friend will betray you. Top

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