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Psychological Dream Meaning: A prickly situation may be symbolised by a cactus. Perhaps you feel ‘needled’ by someone’s remarks or feel that you need to defend yourself in some way. Clearly, cacti are also a phallic symbol. Are you afraid of being hurt by a relationship?

Mystical Interpretation: Mexicans consider cactus to be an aphrodisiac so to dream of cactus bodes well for matters of the heart. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A cage may an expression of your feelings about being restricted in some way. Perhaps you feel confined by your emotional relationships or you feel that your workplace is like a prison. Part of you desperately wants to escape and feel free again. If you dream of seeing a caged animal, this can show how you hold the instinctive side of yourself in check. You may fear the wild primitive energies of your nature. Similarly, a caged bird may show your frustrated spiritual ambitions. 

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of being put into a cage of wild animals it warns that you are in danger of an accident. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A cake is usually divided between a number of people and may refer to something that has to be shared. For example, you may feel that you are not getting your fair share of a wage increase at work. Or the cake may refer to your emotional life. A wife, for example may feel the her husband gives too much attention to his work, children and TV but she misses out. Or perhaps you’re being selfish: “You want to have your cake and eat it.” as the English saying goes.

Mystical Interpretation: Ancient rites used to make man shaped cakes which were eaten so as to gain the powers of the gods of the corn. The story of the ginger bread man may have originated from these ancient traditions. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This often represents a desire to cling to the past or preserve it for ever. However, it may also represent the way you ‘picture the situation’.

Mystical Interpretation: Undeserved disappointment. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A lighted candle may represent the illuminating light of intellect. Similarly, it might symbolise enlightenment or the search for truth via contemplation or meditation. It can also suggest the passage of time and your thoughts about getting older. However, sexy fun loving Freudians consider it to be a phallus symbol of course.

Mystical Interpretation: If the flame burns steady then your friends will support you but if it flickers or goes out the enemies will do you harm. In times pas, a whole system of fortune telling was invented based upon the flicker of a candle’s flame. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Surprisingly, Freud believed that the smooth motion of a car was not a symbol of sexual wish-fulfilment. Instead, it represented the progress of psychoanalysis. A car is most likely to represent yourself and your ability to control your life. Are you a good driver in your dream? If so, you may also be steering the right course in life. However, if you drive badly or have an accident then your unconscious may be warning you that you are making mistakes. You may be driving yourself too hard and heading for an emotional crash. Maybe someone else is driving the car? You may feel that this person, or the qualities they represent, is controlling your life. The dream may be expressing your over-dependence and lack of control.

Mystical Interpretation: The ancients didn’t have cars but they did have carts and the meaning is much the same. One source claims that to ride a vehicle is a sign that there will be changes at home or in business. If your mode of transport is broken then news from a friend tells of trouble. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A successful game of cards relies on both luck and skill and similarly a successful life depends on these same qualities. Your dream may show how you should use the skills of bluff, strategy and timing in everyday life. A game such as Black Jack may show that it’s time to take a chance whereas a game of patience may show the need for patience in your dealings with others.

Mystical Interpretation: Diamonds indicate wealth, clubs indicate work, hearts mean you will be happy in love but spades indicate trouble ahead Top


(see also buildings, house and mandala.)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Castles represent protection and security. It may also show that your psychological defences are isolating you from others. It can be a symbol of the Self.

Mystical Interpretation: The castle can represent the mandala of the psyche. For example, in the story of Sleeping Beauty the whole castle sleeps because its masculine and feminine halves cannot relate resulting in a state of stagnation. The castle is also surrounded by impenetrable thorns showing that it is as difficult to get to know the inner self as it is to storm a castle. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may have fears that you have lost your virility or feel under some form of sexual pressure.

Mystical Interpretation: The myth of Saturn castrating his father may represent the fear of maturity and the conflicting desire to supplant the father. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Animals represent the instinctive side of your nature. A cat express feminine qualities and may represent the positive, creative and sensuous aspects of femininity. If the cat in your dream is aggressive, this may show that you are having problems with the feminine side of yourself. You may be taking a ‘catty’ attitude or have a negative view of women in general.

Mystical Interpretation: In mythology, cats were associated with the old pagan fertility gods. They were a symbol of the Earth Mother and represented the power and wisdom of Nature. Cats were sacred to the Egyptians as custodians of the souls of the dead. Only with the advent of Christianity were they deemed to be the evil familiar of witches. Because of this, most dream books consider it unlucky to dream about cats. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: A cave may represent the womb or female sexuality. What you find within the cave or what comes out of it are the new qualities that the unconscious is giving birth to. The cave may also be the entrance to the ancient mind and where you can discover the ancient wisdom that is latent within you

Mystical Interpretation: In mythology dragons and monsters often lived in caves and sometimes guarded great treasure in their fiery lair. This is a symbol of how we first must overcome the fear of the unconscious before we can win the spiritual treasures. In some cases the monster that guards the cave represents a traumatic childhood experience that has been banished from consciousness. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Buildings represent the mind and the cellar represents its deepest levels. It is a dark, damp and sometimes frightening place where lurk creatures that shun the light of day. A cellar may be the symbolic repository where you discard all the fears and problems that you do not want to deal with. In this clandestine world, you will discover your repressed fears, worries and feelings of guilt and shame. Once you acquaint yourself with these fears and bring them into the light of day, they will no longer have power over you.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that to dream of a cellar full of wine means that you will receive profits from a dubious source. Top

Cemetery (see Death)


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of being chained this represents that some part of you is being forcefully held in check. You need to liberate that part of you that wants to express itself. If someone you know is chained then consider what aspect of yourself this person represents. Similarly of an animal is chained think about what aspect of your animal nature is being restrained. For example, a bull may represent an aspect of your sexuality, a growling dog may represent your anger and a chained elephant may show how you are unable to utilise your natural strength and wisdom.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that to dream of being in chains means than an injustice will be done to you.. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A freshly opened bottle of champagne is often considered to be a symbol of ejaculation and represents the sexual act. Of course it may also symbolise a celebration or a personal achievement that you feel pleased about. The effervescence of Champaign may denote a new burst of creativity or the ‘bubbly’ side of your personality..

Mystical Interpretation: Dreaming about champagne forecasts financial difficulties ahead but predicts a happy romance if your dream is set at a wedding reception. Top



My young son has a recurring nightmare of being chased through woods by a black, shadowy figure. How can I help him overcome his fears? M T- Perth Aust.

This is a metaphor for insecurity. Circumstances may be closing in on him or he may feel at the mercy of feelings that get out of control. He may have feelings of guilt or fear of being caught for something he has done. Ask him if there's something that's upsetting him and reassure him that you will support him whatever it is.

Children who have this dream may be being bullied at school. If the problem persists and you notice unusual or extreme behaviour in your child speak to your GP who will put you in touch with someone who can help.

Like dreams of falling, being chased reflects the dreamers feelings of insecurity. The dreamer is running away from something. Freud had a heyday with this one. Men were running away from the fear of castration he says and women from sexual attackers who symbolised her secret desires to be wooed.

The figure that pursues the dreamer is most likely to represent an unresolved aspect of the dreamer's circumstances or personality.


1. What am I running away from?  You may feel that circumstances are closing in on you and feel a need to escape. Perhaps you are being emotionally victimised and you feel vulnerable as you did as a child? Your feelings may be running out of control or there's something you're avoiding in your external life or inner self. Do you feel guilt?

2. What am I chasing? If you are doing the chasing, you are probably trying to banish something from your life. You may be frightened by some aspect of yourself or have an anxiety that you may never reach the goals you have set yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: The Native Americans believe that you should turn on your pursuer if you dream of being chased, wrestle then to the ground then unmask them. Follow this wise counsel and you will discover that your fears may not be as terrifying as you thought. Top

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(see also Box)

Psychological Dream Meaning: It is with the chest that we breath in the air that gives us life. It may therefore represent the centre of your vitality.

Mystical Interpretation: A large chest warns that you may run into debt say the auguries of old. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The figure of Christ may have many personal associations for to you influenced of course by your attitude to traditional religion. As well as the redeemer, the symbol of Christ can represent perfection of the self, martyrdom, worldly suffering or resurrection. Perhaps you feel like a martyr or believe you suffer as Christ did on the cross. 

Mystical Interpretation: There are many valid paths to spiritual truth and the religions of the world express the many ways that God has manifest in people’s lives. God is omnipresent and omnipotent and appears to his devotees in many guises. Perhaps the figure of Christ is using the language of the heart to bring you to the One God. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Carl Jung claimed that the dream symbol of a child is a motif for the forgotten things in our childhood. For example, your dream may be telling you that you’ve forgotten how to play or should take a more innocent, carefree attitude. The symbol of the child also represents possibilities. It paves the way for future changes in the personality. In addition, the child may represent the part of you that needs reassurance and security.

Mystical Interpretation: A recurrent theme in mythology is the ‘divine child’. This mystical figure is often a hero or a saviour. For example, the child-hero Hercules strangled two threatening snakes and the baby Jesus became the Christ who saves humanity from damnation. These themes are common to many mythologies. The divine child is the symbol of the true self, it is both vulnerable and possessed of great transforming power. In your dream it may represent your divine self that is growing to its full spiritual potential. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: A church stands for the spiritual side of your nature. Buildings usually represent the dreamer and a church can therefore symbolise the totally integrated psyche that is centred on what you consider to be supreme truth. It alludes to your core values and the things you deem sacred. Your dream make be making you aware of  innate spiritual knowledge and the part of you that is eternal. This dream may be part of a series of dreams in which you explore your inner self and gain insight into divine reality.

Mystical Interpretation: Holy architecture is usually built according to sacred geometry that symbolises the unity of the soul with God. In psychological terms, they are a mandala that represents the wholeness of the psyche. Top


(see also Mandala)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A circle is the perfect mandala. It represents the perfection of the self and wholeness. You are identifying with the very centre of yourself. Hold on to this inner source of strength and well being.

Mystical Interpretation: The Chinese consider circles to be good Feng Shui. It is therefore fortunate to dream about them. Top


(see Theatre and Clown)


Psychological Dream Meaning: Cities usually represent the community and your social environment including family and friends. If you dream of visiting a town that feels desolate or you have a feeling of being isolated from the bustle of activity then this may reflect the way you feel about your role in society. Do you perhaps feel rejected by society or the people around you? Alternatively, if you dream of a walled city it may show that you want to protect yourself from society. You made feel that in your waking life there is a need to create a little time and space for yourself. If you dream of a ruined city, it may show that you are neglecting you social relationships. And if you dream of being lost this shows that you feel that you have lost the direction in your own life.

The city may also be a symbol of the self and entering a city can symbolise your intention to explore the unconscious. A city on a hill may show your lofty ambitions to rise in the world whereas an underground city or one beneath the sea may symbolise a neglected self.

Mystical Interpretation: Mythological cities are sometimes pictured as having eight gates with one of them sealed. Each represents a turning point in life with the sealed eighth gate being the final journey death. Top


(see also Falling)

Psychological Dream Meaning: You may be at a critical point in your life and fear loosing control. Emotionally you may feel as if you are ‘teetering on the brink’ or feel that your life is like a ‘cliff hanger’ movie. If you dream of climbing a cliff, it may show how you are trying to overcome an obstacle. Once over this problem the way ahead is smooth and even.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of climbing a cliff augers well for all projects you undertake. Top

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