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Psychological Dream Meaning: A boat may represent travelling through emotional times. In particular, the water can be a symbol for the emotions. If the water in your dream is rough then you may be feeling emotionally fraught in waking life. If all is calm and still then you may feel that your emotional life at this time is ‘plain sailing’.  If you dream of missing the boat then this may be a pun to show that you’ve missed an opportunity.

Mystical Interpretation: In mythology, boats, such as the ferryman across the river Styx, can represent the transition from this world into the next. As a symbol, this may represent passing from one phase of life to another. You may be making a clean break with the past. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may be telling you something about a potentially ‘explosive’ situation that you have to deal with in your waking life. Alternatively, it could be something within yourself such as a desire to explode with anger about an issue that’s affecting you. Similarly the bomb could represent repressed desires and drives that are likely to explode if not dealt with. You would be wise to proceed with caution and exercise inner calm. Why not take up meditation- it would help you to defuse this inner time bomb.

Mystical Interpretation: A heated argument will have a happy ending if you dream of a bomb says dream superstition. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of being tied up it may indicate that aspects of your psychological life are being too tightly controlled. You may be restricting your need for self-expression or feel that you are a prisoner of your circumstances. You may have hidden potentials that you refuse to acknowledge or be repressing your true feelings. Perhaps the dream shows how you are held captive by the banal and commonplace and have a need for the inner freedom that comes with spirituality. You want to set yourself free. You may also fear that a forthcoming event, such as a marriage, new job or the birth of a child, will curtail your freedom.

The dream may also show how you try to dominate others. Do you try to dominate or emotionally smother your kith and kin? Some people like to dominate others by placing them under an obligation to secure their dependency or indebtedness. This controlling attitude will never bring happiness.

Bondage of course also has erotic overtones. Freud believed that dreams of bondage are an allegory for repressed sexual fantasies. These he says date back to childhood when our parents dominated us. Alternatively, it could symbolise your desire to be more sexually submissive or illustrate the fact that you have unacknowledged sexual passions.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of being tied up means that, contrary to your better judgement, you will yield to love. Top

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(see also Skull)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be showing you the ‘bare bones’ of a situation. Being stripped or cut to the bone may signify a sudden insight or an attack on your personality. To dream of fractured limbs may represent a threat to the foundations of life, and to personal power. If you dream of broken bones they you may have discovered a fundamental weakness in your plans or psychology. Sometimes, bones may refer to a secret ‘skeleton in the closet’

Mystical Interpretation: Goddesses with strings of skulls around their necks or waists refer to the negative, devouring side of time. Perhaps you fear getting older? Top




Psychological Dream Meaning: Most likely, this dream symbol is a sexual one that shows your desire for love. However, it may also represent the nurturing qualities of the mother. You may be nurturing new ideas and plans. A Freudian interpretation would ask you to question whether you are too attached to your real mother, an attachment that may be preventing you from achieving your independence.

Mystical Interpretation: If a woman dreams of having shrivelled breasts she will be disappointed in love but is they are buxom and lily white she will be rich. The ancient books tell us nothing about men who have these dreams. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Bossy dream characters were nicknamed by Fritz Perls, who devise Gestalt therapy, as ‘topdog’ and are similar to Freud’s notion of the super-ego. These bullies scold and lecture other dream characters who rapidly assume the role of what Perls called ‘underdog’. This is the aspect of our personality of which we are ashamed and which we try hard to ignore. For a healthy psyche it is important accept all aspects of ourselves and let all the inner parts of ourselves come to expression. In your imagination, ask each dream character to speak to you. The answers they give may reveal a great deal about your hopes, desires and fears.

Mystical Interpretation: The first dream books were of course written for the literate upper classes. And so they tell us that to dream of being bossed around is a sign of your incompetence but if you dream of being the master you’ll rise to a high position in society. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Are your emotions ‘bottled up’? The bottle in your dream may represent how you are pushing your feelings back inside rather that letting them express themselves in waking life. The contents of the bottle will illustrate the nature of the emotions. Champagne may show your need to socialise, poison may represent evil thoughts, red wine may represent passions and milk may show the need to nurture new ideas or feelings. If the bottle is empty then this may show how you’ve exhausted your inner resources. You may be feel drained and empty inside. Continue to record your dreams for soon they may suggest ways you can fill this inner vacuum.

Mystical Interpretation: In many myths the jinnee is kept locked in as bottle until released by the hero. In dreams the jinni may represent the powers of the psyche which at first appear dark and menacing because unconscious but are transformed when brought under conscious control. The story of Aladdin and his magic lamp were based upon these very ancient myths.  Top 


Psychological Dream Meaning: By opening a box we reveal things that were once hidden. This dream may be a symbol of spiritual exploration- you are getting to know the contents of your psyche. If you find bad things in the box or opening it fills you with fear then you may be uncovering things about yourself or your environment that make to feel anxious.

Mystical Interpretation: In the Greek myth Pandora’s box represent the negative aspect of woman. This beautiful temptress is the source of all evil yet her name means ‘all giving’. As a psychological dream symbol this story illustrates a man’s fear of the dark feminine side of his own nature. It may also show the way the unconscious projects its own negative complexes and attitudes on to the reality. Top


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Bride/ Bridegroom

(see also Marriage and Anima/ Animus)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A bride may represent the peak of feminine force within us. For a man she is an anima figure which represents the feminine side of his nature. Similarly, a bridegroom may represent the masculine, animus, side of a woman’s personality. The most psychologically healthy people are those who integrate both sides of their nature.

Mystical Interpretation: Most fairy stories use the same symbolism as found in dreams. Many end with ‘then they got married and lived happily ever after’. This typical happy ending is a classic dream symbol for the union of the masculine and feminine forces within the psyche. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A bridge may represent a critical juncture in your life. You are about to leave one set of conditions and enter a landscape of new possibilities. This could be a new job, a change of home or a new relationship. It may also represent an inner transformation such as adopting a new set of values and leaving behind the past.

Mystical Interpretation: “Life is a bridge across a sea of change. Pass over it but do not build your house on it” says my guru Sathya Sai Baba. Perhaps the bridge in your dream represents this journey of life. Top



Psychological Dream Meaning: Carl Jung claimed that childhood sibling rivalry and jealousy influence the dream symbol of the brother. For a male dreamer he may represent the shadow side of the personality that is neglected and undeveloped. Sometimes this may include anti-social qualities that are alarming. However in a woman’s dreams a brother may represent the male side of her own personality (Animus).

Mystical Interpretation: A brother may occur as a guide in a woman’s dreams and take her into a dark forest, into the depths of the earth or to the bottom of the sea. This theme, which occurs in many myths and legends, shows how the animus can guide the ego to the cause of a psychological difficulty. Top

Brown (see Colours)


Psychological Dream Meaning: A brush may symbolise your desire to ‘brush away’ problems. Perhaps you are taking a cavalier attitude to circumstances that need serious consideration? If you dream of sweeping up mess you may desire to be pure within or have a fear of ‘dirty thoughts’. (Freud considered brushes to represent pubic hair). Perhaps something in your life needs to be cleaned up?

Mystical Interpretation: A great deal of superstition is associated with brushes and brooms. It is unlucky to step over them, they can sweep away good luck and are rode by witches. Generally it is an unlucky symbol but if you dream of brushing your hair you will soon meet an exciting new partner. Top



My dreams are often set in a small decaying cellar. I always wake up feeling bad about life when this happens. What does this dream mean? - D J- Gloucester UK.

 Buildings and houses are symbols of yourself. The upstairs represents your conscious mind and the lower floors and cellar your hidden self.

The cramped feeling of the cellar indicates frustration and a need to expand your activities or thinking. Decayed or crumbling buildings indicate that your self-image has suffered. Get your hair done, buy a new outfit and treat yourself to a few activities that make you feel good about yourself.

Different parts of a house may symbolise different times. For example, modern rooms may represent the conscious mind whereas the oldest areas may represent the ancient mind- the unconscious. Also the condition of the building may express how you feel about yourself. In addition it can also represent your physical health. Sometimes decayed buildings are the prelude to the onset of an illness.


1. What aspect of me does the house represent? You mind, body or spirit? The house may represent how you see yourself. If you recognise the need for a psychological spring clean then get to work straight away.

2. Is the house symbolic of past circumstances? For example, your parental home may symbolise your childhood feelings. Ask yourself what personal associations the buildings of your dream have for you.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of small buildings spells bad luck says superstition but if the building is big you will experience positive changes soon. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: The bull is a symbol of male sexuality. For a man it may represent your own sexuality and virility. For a woman it may refer to the opposite sex. If the bull in your dreams is wild and untamed, this may show that your passions are out of control. If you dream of bull fighting this may be symbolic of action to control lust and negative power.

Mystical Interpretation: In mythology, the bull is an ancient symbol of fertility dating back to the earliest times. In the great roar of the storm man believed he heard the roar of the bull. In the ancient world, the bull was associated with the creative power of spring as symbolised by Taurus in the zodiac. To dream of a bull has therefore been symbolic of fertility and sexual power since times immemorial. Top

Burial (see Funeral and Death)

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be telling you to take a more business like attitude to your circumstances. Perhaps you need to ‘sell yourself’ or maybe you need to be more cunning, daring or cautious. Your dream may be showing you ways to profit from your experiences. If the business was doing well you may feel pleased with your circumstances at the moment but business problems may show that you feel insecure at this time.

Mystical Interpretation: Beware of dishonest people if you dream of a business say the sages of bygone times. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A butterfly can symbolise rebirth, inner beauty and transformation. It may also represent romance, joy, freedom and success. It is the essence of your true self.

Mystical Interpretation: An interesting philosophical question was raised by the Chinese philosopher Chuang Chou when he dreamed that he was a butterfly. The dream was so vivid that when he awoke he couldn’t decide if he was a man dreaming of being a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming of being a man. Top

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