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Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams can give us the opportunity to express feelings and emotions that we are unable to express in normal life. There may be some aggression within yourself that you have not acknowledged fully. The dream may also be suggesting that you be more assertive and stop taking such a passive attitude to circumstances. You may feel undervalued, rejected or jealous and harbour hostile wishes towards someone close to you. If someone else was angry with you, they might represent a characteristic of yourself that you dislike. Are you being angry with yourself? Do you feel guilty about an issue? The psychologist Alfred Adler believed that aggressive drives motivate most people but can be sublimated and directed into creative channels.

Mystical Interpretation: According to some timeworn sources, anger in a dream denotes that some unlawful trial awaits you. It foretells disappointment in love and attacks upon your character. However, if you are angry with a stranger then some unexpected good news is on its way. An invitation is likely. Top

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see also birds, cats, dogs etc.

Psychological Dream Meaning: Animals are a common dream image and often symbolise the instinctive side of ourselves. Reactions to individual animals may represent particular instinctive urges. For example, if fear is your response to an animal appearing in your dream, then it may symbolise a repressed urge that threatens your equilibrium. A wounded or caged animal can also show aspects of the instinctive self that are being forcefully held in check or too tightly controlled. The animal nature is an essential part of ourselves that we must accept and co-operate with. Repress the instinctive nature and it may appear in dreams as a ferocious animal. A tamed animal, such as a pet, can symbolise a controlled expression of the instincts. Often animals have a sexual meaning. A stalking tiger or a ferocious wolf can represent a fear of powerful sexual urges. Dreams of this nature may occur during adolescence or when a child first becomes aware of sexual feelings. (Many fairy stories address this theme.)  Being chased by an animal may reveal that you run away from your instinctive feelings and to kill an animal shows a destructive attitude to this natural part of your psyche.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of wild animals is considered fortunate but to dream of unusual creatures such as a crocodile or armadillo is unlucky. According to the seers of old it is important to observe the mood of your dream animal. For example, a peaceful cow will bring you happiness but see a raging bull and there’ll be trouble afoot. Some tribal societies believe that we adopt the form of our totem animal during sleep and in its form can travel beyond the body to mysterious new worlds.


Psychological Dream Meaning: Nobody knows for certain why we sleep. Many scientists say that we sleep in order to dream and that dreams are the brain’s way of bringing the emotions back into balance. Experiments have shown that if a person is consistently deprived of dream sleep they will suffer from emotional disorders. Dreams resolve our anxieties and restore psychological equilibrium. It is quite natural to have dreams that express your anxieties and the emotions that cannot be asserted in everyday life. Sigmund Freud believed that anxiety dreams are a disguise for some repressed aggression or resentment. Whenever anxiety reappears in our dreams we need to look for likely repressed feelings or desires that initiated the anxiety. In particular, Freud identified repressed childhood feelings of resentment, jealousy and hostility towards parents and family as giving rise to these dreams.  

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that anxiety dreams have the opposite meaning showing that a worry will very soon be relieved. In some ways this is true, for by expressing your fears in your dreams you’ve come a little closer to resolving your hidden fears. Top


see also Monkey and Shadow

Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may simply be a pun i.e. ‘You’re making an ape of yourself’ or ‘You like to ape it over others’ You may be making an egotistical mistake of some kind. Apes are known to be gentle so the dream may also symbolise the part of you that wants to behave more naturally and return to the simpler ways of our archaic past. If the ape is sinister then it may symbolise the dark repressed side of your nature.

Mystical Interpretation: Bad news I’m afraid. To dream of apes means that people will deceive you and mischief is afoot. Be particularly careful of false promises connected with business. If the ape is seen in a tree then someone close to you will tell lies that cause widespread trouble. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The apple may be considered as a sexual symbol. It is the forbidden fruit associated with the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and so with ‘sin’ by which sex is usually meant. Freud pointed out that eating is connected with sexuality because the mouth is the first erogenous zone discovered by young children. From a Freudian viewpoint apples stand for lasciviousness. Your dream may be saying that you have a sexual appetite and want to taste the fruits of life. Alternatively, apples may symbolise knowledge as this is what Adam and Eve gained after falling from innocence. On a mundane level you may have personal associations with the symbol such as an ‘apple computer’ the ‘Big Apple’ or maybe as a symbol of good diet and health.   

Mystical Interpretation: It is a good omen to dream of apples particularly if they are red. Ripe and sweet apples promises you will be rewarded but if the apples are sour you are in danger of loss because of your own foolishness. Fallen apples on the ground warn of false friends. And if the apple is decayed then all your efforts will be hopeless. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If we call someone an ‘armoured individual’ then they are likely to protect themselves from spontaneous emotional interaction with people. Similarly, we say someone is ‘shielded’. In dreams, these are protective symbols against those things that fill us with anxiety. Ask yourself what it is that you want to protect yourself from. Is it an inner fear or is there something in your environment that you need to defend yourself against? Examine the causes of this feeling and you may discover that you need not be so guarded. With more self-confidence, openness and social ease, you would not have to take such extreme measures to protect yourself from the outside world. The dream may also show that you are preparing to do battle. The armour may represent the fact that you are confident and well prepared.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of wearing armour including breastplate, chain mail or thick leather jerkin then tradition says that you are taking life too seriously. ‘Lighten up’ and enjoy life. Reincarnationalists may interpret this dream as a reference to a past life: if historical facts are revealed within the dream, check them out to see if they are true. You may be recalling mysterious memories of lives from long ago? Top

Arrest (see Police)


Psychological Dream Meaning: A Freudian psychologist interprets this image as a male sexual symbol. Favoured by Cupid, an arrow can represent the penis in its ability to penetrate. It has associations with male violence and aggression. (In the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ by the poet William Blake he refers to ‘my arrows of desire’.) However, arrows can also represent something that goes straight to the mark. The dream is showing you how to reach the targets you have set yourself. Perhaps you should focus on one specific goal and set about achieving it.

Mystical Interpretation: ‘Expect journeys, entertainment and festivals’ says one Medieval sources. To dream of being struck by an arrow means you have a secret enemy and a broken arrow portents disappointments in love or business. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This may represent the creative and intuitive side of your nature. You may feel a need to express yourself and have the urge to be more creative. If you are painting a picture this may show the way you see things at the moment: how you picture your situation. You are probably starting to see things more clearly.

Mystical Interpretation:  You may have to revise your plans in order to attain recognition. If you talk about art in your dream you may expect an upturn in your business or professional status. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: After the fire has gone, we are left with dull, lifeless ash. You may be feeling that the good times are over and there is nothing left of value in your life. Alternatively, you may be raking over the past or dwelling upon something that is finished. For example, ashes may represent a failed relationship or ruinous business enterprise. In Hinduism, ashes are a symbol of the indestructible soul. After everything has been reduced by fire ash is what remains. It is the indestructible part of ourselves.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of ashes is a bad omen. Crops will fail, business deals will go wrong and children will cause problems for their parents. The gypsies however say that it means that you will finally cease to mourn the lost chances of the past. Many tribal societies consider ashes to be a positive symbol of fertility and good luck. In England and America it is said to ward off evil spirits. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Social vulnerabilities are highlighted and you may fear that you are unable to communicate effectively with others. You feel as if your social role in life is being tested. Dreams like this may occur soon after starting a new job or undertaking a socially challenging role. You may also dream of being unable to make yourself heard over the noise of others, of being laughed at, tongue tied, or have a feeling of impending disaster.  All these images express your feelings of social vulnerability. An unruly audience may show your inability to get your ideas across or the absence of an audience may show a lack of recognition.

Mystical Interpretation: Most dreams associated with actors, actresses and the stage are considered fortunate but to see them wandering and penniless foretells that your good fortune will be reversed. To dream of public speaking is also fortunate but not if you speak from a pulpit. If you dream of doing the latter there will be sickness and business will fail. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may fear a disaster or failure. Perhaps your intuition has identified a flaw in your plans that needs urgent attention. Carefully examine the other images in the dream and see if you can identify the cause of the fear or warning. The issue may be emotional. Are you being ‘as cold as ice’? Your frozen feelings may be causing you problems. Loosen up or you may cause an avalanche of out of control emotions.

Mystical Interpretation: Mystics say that it is tremendously fortunate to dream of an avalanche and particularly if you are buried in the snow! It portends profit and wealth. To see others buried in an avalanche indicates that you will have a change of surroundings. Top


(see also Lucid Dreams)

Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of awakening may represent a new awareness that is unfolding in your life. However, the dream may mean that you are on the verge of lucid dreaming. In this remarkable state of consciousness you ‘wake’ up in the dream and realise that you are dreaming as the dream is taking place. In this state, the dreamer can direct their dreams like a film director. Lucid dreams can be used for creative purpose or to help resolve deep-set psychological problems. For example, someone who has consistently dreamed of being chased may turn on their stalker and unmask the fears that they have been running from. The Native Americans have practised these techniques for centuries.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream that you are awake and walking though a beautiful landscape denotes that there are good times ahead after a period of difficulty. Psychic people will use special techniques to ‘wake up’ during a dream in order to look into the future. One method is to imagine being in a time machine. The dream moves into the future and results in a premonition of real events that will take place. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This ominous symbol can be interpreted in a number of ways: Perhaps you are worried about your job, of being ‘given the axe’? Or there may be something that you want to chop out of your life?  If you dream of an executioner’s axe, you may be feeling guilty about something you have done. In this case, the axe may represent judgement and punishment. If the axe is used to chop wood, it may show how you need to divide your problem into more manageable parts. If you cut down a tree this may be a symbol of removing the old so that the new can sprout afresh. A change in your lifestyle or circumstances may be necessary.

Mystical Interpretation: Apart from being a clear warning of danger, the axe has some strange dreamlore associated with it. To dream of a shinny axe signifies gratifying rewards but a dull one means loss of prestige. An axe also means that you will soon hear from friends. For an unmarried woman this dream means she will meet the man of her dreams but he will never have a cent! Top

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