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The A-Z Dream Dictionary:
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Dream Dictionary

Dreams talk to us in symbols, allegories and metaphors. This inner language can evoke feelings and emotions that transcend normal language and connect you to the very heart of your being. But this unfamiliar world of the unconscious can also leave you feeling confused and perplexed as the language of dreams is so hard to explain and understand.

Dream Meanings A-Z:
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These pages will help the novice dream interpreter to understand the hidden language of dreams and nightmares. With the power to unlock your dreams you will have a tool that can help you become more at peace with yourself and give you greater confidence and motivation.

Bestselling author Craig Hamilton-Parker has brought together thousands of dreams to give you the keys to unlock your unconscious mind. Here you will discover the psychological meanings of dreams as well as read about the mystical and prophetic traditions. At all times we encourage you to also make your own personal interpretation of the dream’s meaning.

Dreams are a very personal experience and your own insights into the symbols can be tremendously important. Remember that every dream is unique and will require a unique interpretation.

Girl Dreaming

How to Interpret Dream Symbols

When working with your dreams, try not to overlook the tiny details. Everything in the dream has significance and may be a symbol that will help you unlock even deeper meanings and reveal the dream's messages. Use the thousands of entries here to dig deep and unravel the issues and worries that the dream is trying to solve.

Use this dictionary together with your own personal insights and intuitive feelings to get to the bottom of your dreams and nightmares. As well as this extensive dictionary of meanings, we also have many articles on the site to help you to deepen your analysis. The art of dream interpretation can become a fascinating and very useful skill. We hope you enjoy using the many resources that this site offers for free.

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