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Dreams About Cars

QuestionI recently had this awful dream. I arrive at the scene of a car crash. There are two dead people in the front of the car and three in the back seat. I go to look inside but can't see the occupants faces. A bearded man who is examining the crash with me tells me to move the head of the woman in the back. To my horror it is me -ten years older and very much dead.

Yvonne M

QuestionThis dream is not a premonition. Your dream of a car crash is symbolic of an emotional problem in your own life that is out of control.

Being in the back seat, and not at the drivers wheel, symbolises that your problems are caused by others -and out of your control.

The bearded man, who tells you what to do, is your wise inner self that is trying to make you face your problems. Keep track of your future dreams and they may reveal ways to resolve your inner fears.

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