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Craig & Jane Dream Interpreters

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker are well known UK psychics and Dream Interpreters. Craig is available for corporate functions and has appeared on TV show to interpret celebrities dreams. He has also written extensively about dreams for The Daily Mail and the women's magazines.

Craig is the author of 5 best selling books on dreams. He is the dream interpreter for a number of newspapers and has weekly dream interpreters columns in magazines in the UK and USA. For more information about dream interpreters and TV services please see the TV Psychics website.

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Craig & his wife Jane have been the Dream Interpreters for a number of TV shows and columns. Their experience includes:

  • Dream Interpreters for UK TV
  • Dream Interpreters for Take A Break magazine
  • Some Dream Interpreters articles have been published in Australia the USA and South Africa
  • Craig also provides a research service and has provided other dream interpreters for corporate events including the Chelsea Flower show and the launch of the DVD for Sleeping Beauty.

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