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House Dream Meaning

(see also Buildings)

Dream 2Psychological Meaning: A house represents your psychological condition. Specific rooms in the house detail what aspect of your psychological life the dream is highlighting. Attic: the intellect. Basement: the personal unconscious. Bathroom: base feelings, childhood thoughts, and cleanliness. Bedroom: the private self and sexuality. Den: work and efficiency. Library: intellectual life. Living room: your public image. Roof: an overview of yourself. Windows: the way to interact with the world.

If the house is haunted the ghosts and spirits may represent troubles that you are only just becoming aware of or real life problems that 'haunt' you.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

Dream lore has many different interpretations for this dream. Here’s the simplest: Country house: tranquility ahead. Building a house: you will be self-confident. New house: a busy social life. Empty house: low income. Moving house: worries about money.

Haunted House Dream
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