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Hospital Dream Meaning

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

A hospital is a place of healing. Your dream may offer you cures to improve your psychological or physical health. Observe in which department your dream is set- it may give you important clues to the nature of your problem. You may need some rest or may be trying to recover from a psychological wound that requires inner healing. Or perhaps the dream has a warning about your physical health? Does the dream offer a cure? Does it suggests a healthier behaviour pattern or diet? They called Edgar Cayce ‘the sleeping prophet’ because he would fall asleep and answer questions put to him about the health of people he had never met. He gave startlingly accurate diagnoses and his revolutionary treatments and cures are still being used and researched today. Hidden within our dreams are the keys to spiritual, psychological and physical health.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

The Ancient Greeks believed that dreams not only give a diagnosis of a person’s health but also suggest cures. In particular this was affirmed by Hippocraties who is considered the ‘father of medicine’. Student doctors still pledge the Hippocratic Oath. Tibetan medicine also takes note of a patient’s dreams in order to uncover the spiritual cause of their physical ills.

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