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Hero Dream Meaning
Hero/Heroine (see also Anima/Animus)

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

Whether it be Gilgamesh, Hercules or Superman, the hero figure represents the conscious part of ourselves that bravely embarks on a journey into the darkness of the unconscious to challenge its wild powers. In most myths and stories, the hero ventures into strange lands and fights monsters in order to take possession of a great treasure or win the hand of a beautiful maiden. These are symbols of the rewards we gain by probing the unconscious mind. By taming its primitive forces and using them for creative ends, we achieve psychological integration and wholeness. For a woman, a male heroic figure may represent the masculine side of herself. Similarly, if a man dreams of rescuing a maiden, it may show that he has discovered the feminine side of his own nature.

Heroic dreams awaken us to our inner strengths and weaknesses, knowledge essential for the development of a healthy personality. Although these dreams generally occur during adolescence, they can also reappear at any age. As you would expect, males tend to have more hero dreams than women do but this is changing as women take on roles that are more assertive. 

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

Some dream sources claim that to dream of a famous heroic figure means that someone who once disliked you will now fall in love with you.


Hero Dream Meaning
Hero Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Hero

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