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Hat Dream Meaning

Surreal Hatter

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

Freud believed that hats (and gloves) represent the female genitalia because they enclose a part of the body. A hat may also represent the role you play in life. Changing hats may denote a change of attitude or direction. You may be thinking about taking on new work responsibilities or even changing your job.

The type of hat is also significant: A top hat may indicate your desire for wealth; a baseball hat may represent your desire to be more athletic or younger; and a straw hat may show that you desire to adopt a more natural, care-free attitude.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

Predecessors of Freud believed that if a woman dreamed of wearing a man’s hat, she secretly desired to have sex with the owner.

If you dream of loosing your hat you will soon be married. Meaning of Hat Dream

Hat Dream Meaning
Hat Dream Meaning

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