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Hands Dream Meaning

Hands in Air

Dream 1Psychological Meaning: Hands can represent dexterity, artistic ability or psychological skills. We also use them to express ourselves and as extensions of our personality. A fist may represent anger or passion, folded hands can represent acceptance, joined hands can represent affection and an upheld hand symbolises a blessing. Consider the gesture of the hands in your dream for it reveals the nature of the sentiments you are trying to express.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: If you dream of the palm, you may be thinking about the future. Palmistry claims that the shape, lines and mounts of the palm reveal our destiny. Your dream may be revealing a potential future scenario based upon your current circumstances. Fortunately we have free will, so positive actions taken now will influence the shape of things to come for the better.

Meaning of Hands Dream
Hand Dream

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