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Dreams About Losing Hair

Hair Dreams Meaning

Dream 1Psychological Meaning: Hair often symbolises vanity. Long hair may signify virility or male sexuality. Dreams of going bald may indicate fears about loss of self-esteem or, according to Freud, fear of castration and impotency. Dreams about losing hair can also express your worries about getting older. Similarly, a strong beard can stand for vitality, while a white one can signify age or wisdom.

To dream of having your haircut may indicate that you are, like Samson, experiencing a loss of strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. To shave off the hair on the head symbolises renunciation of the earthly life in order to seek spiritual truth. If your hair is being styled or set then your dream is highlighting your worries about your self-image.

Hair blown by the wind or flowing free indicates you may need the freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You want to ‘let your hair down’ and ‘hang loose’.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: The cutting of hair can represent conformity. In the past, it was commonplace to cut the hair of convicts, soldiers and schoolboys. When the Beatles grew long hair long in the 60’s, it was an unconscious symbol that expressed the rebellion of a generation.

Hair Dream



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