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What do Dreams About the Devil Mean?

Devil Dream Meaning

Dream 1Psychological Meaning:The devil in your dream may personify your fear or repressed desires that have been buried in the underworld of the unconscious. In reality, the unconscious mind is not full of evil demons and satanic forces; it is your inner resource that gives energy and wisdom. Your own fear of the unknown prevents you from finding the wholeness and healing that the unconscious offers. Alternatively, the Devil may symbolise evil words and deeds that you or others have been displaying in waking life. What the devil fears most is light and love. Honesty and kindness may be the right form of conduct to overcome the perceived evils that trouble you.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning:The figure of Satan occurs in the Jewish Christian and Islamic traditions. Originally he was a god that represented fertility and the powers of Nature. Similarly the cloven footed god Pan of the ancient Greeks was a god of the abundance of nature. These ancient symbols of fertility are sometimes used by the unconscious to show the inauguration of a new phase of psychological growth.

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