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Dreaming in Colour
Colour Dream

Why do we dream in colour? The meaning of colours in dreams with interpretations for the individual colours of your dream..

Colour Dream Meaning

Dream 1Psychological Meaning:

Colour can evoke strong emotional responses and the colours revealed in dreams can tell us a great deal about our emotional state. Psychologist sometimes use colour tests to judge the emotional condition of their patients and a Feng Shui expert will used colour in the home to attract the best energies to bring you good fortune.

However the colour meanings can vary from individual to individual and you may have your own personal associations with a particular colour. As with all dream interpretation, trust your own gut feelings..

RED: Red represents passion and sexuality. It can also represent anger or blood- the colour of our life force.
ORANGE: Orange is usually associated with balance and healing. It is the passions refined.
YELLOW: Often associated with artistic inspiration yellow is sometimes considered the colour of the coward.
GREEN: The colour of nature brings new life and hope. Its negative association is with jealousy
BLUE: Blue is the spiritual colour and is claimed to be the colour that healers have in their auric field. Blue brings harmony and, like the sky, it implies freedom. And of course, it can sometimes represent depression when we get the 'blues'.
PURPLE: This is the colour or Royalty and profound spiritual knowledge.
BLACK: Usually a colour associated with depression. Time to get rid of those 'black' thoughts. It may also indicate unconsciousness.
WHITE: White is usually a symbol of purity.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: We psychics see colours in the aura which is the energy field that surrounds living things. The dream meaning of colours may relate to the spiritual values that we traditionally associate with each colour. They are: RED: Sensuality ORANGE: Cleansing. YELLOW Inspiration. GREEN: Recovery. BLUE: Healing. PURPLE: Clairvoyance. BLACK: Illness. WHITE: Spirituality

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