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Clock Dream Meaning
Clock Dream Meaning
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Clock Dream Meaning

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

A clock or watch may simply represent the passage of time and indicate whether your dream refers to past present or future conditions. It may also show how your life is governed by the artificial routines created by organised society. Perhaps you should live a more carefree lifestyle that is less dependent on deadlines or 'clock watching'.

A clock can also stand for the human heart and therefore the emotional side of your life. For example, a clock showing one minute to midnight may indicate your anxious anticipation about a situation soon to affect you. Similarly, a stopped clock may indicate a stilling of the emotions while a fast moving sports watch may show that your emotions are running out of control. A Grandfather Clock may show the slow but sure passing of time and possibly a reference to death: Time Flies.

The surrealist Artist Salvador Dali sometimes referred to his paintings as "hand-painted dream photographs" His famous picture The Persistence of Memory features melting clocks which as a reference to Dali's his lost and difficult childhood: the melting clocks are set on a beach near where he lived as a child.

Symbols are flexible. Your interpretation of a dream is unique to you.

Dream 1Clock Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning:

To hear a clock chime augers bad news say the dream oracles .Superstition says that to dream of a clock stopping augers a death. It is the custom in some parts of America to stop all the clocks in a house when someone dies. Be cautious when making your dream interpretation - a clock is mainly a symbol of the passing of time.

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