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Dream 1Dream meanings with the author Craig Hamilton-Parker: On this website you can read articles, features and extracts from my books about dreams and dream meanings. I have included an extensive Dream Dictionary about the Meanings of Dreams, How to Interpret Dreams and lots of individual interpretations of dreams.

As well as looking up the meanings of your dreams and reading my Online Dream Interpretations you can also ask a question for free and get your dreams interpreted for free in our online dream forums. We also offer a professional dream interpretation service by experts. The Dream Book extracts you will read on this site are taken from my best-selling book called The Hidden Meaning of Dreams.

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• One third of our lives are spent sleeping.
• In your lifetime you will spend about six years of it dreaming. That is more than 2100 days spent in a different world.
• Everybody dreams. Just because you don’t remember your dreams it does not mean that you didn’t dream
• We dream an average of one or two hours every night and we often have four to seven dreams in one night
• Five minutes after the end of a dream, half the content is forgotten. After ten minutes, 99 percent is lost.
• If you are snoring then you cannot be dreaming.
• The word dream stems from the middle English word, ‘dreme’ which means joy and music
• Men tend to dream more about other men, while women dream equally about men and women.
• Research has shown that during REM sleep men experience erections and women experience vaginal blood flow no matter what the content of the dream. In fact, ‘wet dreams’ may not coincide with overtly sexual content.
• People who give up smoking have longer and more intense dreams
• Toddlers do not dream about themselves. They don’t appear in their own dreams until the age of four.





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Hidden Meaning of Dreams Book The Hidden Meaning of Dreams
Front page with listings of dream meanings A-Z and links to all the articles on the site. Read about what dreams mean and how to interpret your dreams. All Meanings
Common Dreams Section Common Dreams Interpreted
Article about common dreams and why we have them. There are certain dreams that occur in all cultures. If you have dreamed about snakes, teeth falling out, being chased, falling or being nude in public then look here.
Psychology of Dreams Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung
Read a very simple introduction about the founders of modern psychology. Sigmund Freud's Interpretations of Dreams was one of the first books to take a scientific look at dreams.
Dreams from Ancient times The First Dreamers
Do dreams tell the future? Are dreams messages from the gods? The ancient dreamers believed that dreams were portents of the future. Read a simple essay on mystical dreamers.
What Do Dreams Mean?
We all dream every night but why? Why do we dream? There are many theories as to why we dream. You can read some of the top theories here.

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